Like so many organizations that started out right as earnest groups, religious or otherwise, The United Church of Canada is another example of one which has apparently been largely taken over  — consumed  — by goofy, almost PETA-like, politically left-wing useful idiots.

Their agenda seems more and more one of simply advocating wrong-headed left-wing politics. They constantly advocate left-wing positions on industry, the environment, global politics, and all manner of social issues. They have taken a radical left-wing stance against Israel.

Instead of my hearing about them defending traditional marriage, they advocate gay ‘marriage,’ in fact they “celebrate” them (“The United Church celebrates the marriage of same-sex couples”). So naturally they make sure they have openly gay ministers, and just for good measure, they even proudly have one who is atheist.

And as if I had to tell you, they support abortion. I mean almost literally. They advocate “a moral responsibility not to bring an unwanted child into the world”; and “recognition that there are situations when a woman and her partner may be in extremely difficult circumstances where they must decide whether or not to continue a pregnancy.”

Move over PETA and Code Pink (and due deference to Canada’s CBC). You’re no longer the funkiest group of left-wing weirdos in all the land.

And I’ll have nothing to do with it or them. Except I will advocate against them. And I urge you to avoid them and keep your children away from them.

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