Canada’s Back! UK headline: “Justin Trudeau’s woke agenda is tearing Canadian society apart”.

From the U.K.’s Telegraph newspaper… because as if the Liberals’ G&M division or Trudeau’s Toronto Star department or the Libs’ state-owned CBC P.R. secretariat or liberalvision CTV (or the Global News stenographers) would betray their leader like that.

…Though their cause has only modest support, the truckers have tapped into the alienation of culturally conservative working-class Canadians from Trudeau and the cultural elite. As if on cue, the Canadian media has tried to portray the protest as racist, focusing on the extremists on its fringes. Trudeau has, without evidence, described anti-vaxxers as racist and misogynist while NDP leader Jagmeet Singh smeared the convoy as led by “those that claim the superiority of the white bloodline and equate Islam to a disease,” a complete fantasy…

Read it. It’s short and sweet sad.

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