Cal Thomas always writes a good column and this week tackles something along the lines of what I blogged about yesterday—regarding liberal academia and how liberal academia is a actually self-promoting, liberal aggrandizing, liberal industrial complex.  OK I didn’t use those exact words because I didn’t think of them until just now, but they do accurately describe the situation.  In the United States.

Here in Canada, it goes much, much deeper.  Much further left, clearly into Marxist territory.  It’s much much, more engrained.  And it occupies not just the post-secondary level but much earlier.  And of course soon the state will institute its nationalized, socialist, unionized, state-run, universal daycare (and “early education”!) program division of the Liberal Party. 

(Oh and of course nobody cares—this is Canada!) 

Thomas Reeves of the Wisconsin Policy Research Institute has said “conservatives are discriminated against routinely and deliberately” in faculty hiring, making some highly qualified teachers virtually unemployable because of their political and social views. This guarantees a perpetuation of a one-dimensional approach to most subjects.

In matters of race and gender, colleges practice affirmative action to employ more minority and female professors and attract more students with these characteristics. Why won’t they do the same for conservative professors and students in the name of diversity, pluralism and academic freedom?

Why do so many conservative parents send their children to these colleges and often subsidize their tuition when so many undermine their beliefs and values? Stories are legion of young people who are sent to these schools and emerge with a far different worldview from when they entered.

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