Watch as the Left laps this up and runs with it.  And in so doing, display their speciousness and their hideous hypocrisy, and their selective though fallacious reasoning, to once again try to score cheap political points.  And watch as the media laps THAT up. 

This is the Washington Monument strategy (also known as “Mount Rushmore Syndrome” —read here) at its best.  It’s the tawdry way that weak minded self-interested folks try to get their way from weak-kneed idiots in government.  They pretend that if they don’t do or allow such-and-such, then very possibly, and “according scientific evidence that is of course also ‘settled’ science,” the Washington Monument, of all things, may in fact close or indeed collapse under its own weight.  And imagine the consequences.  The horrors.  Oh, dear golly, the consequences to your reputation as an elected official. 

And it’s total BS. 

May hire students to strip due to labour shortage, clubs say

Adult club owners say Ottawa is shutting the door on foreign dancers and they could be forced to recruit students to strip from GTA colleges and universities. …

… Ottawa has dramatically reduced the number of visas for foreign dancers and the association could be forced to look at Toronto-area schools for performers, said Tim Labrinos, of the Adult Entertainment Association of Canada.

A plan to recruit students is being examined by an association committee, he said.

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