Book claims most judges named by Liberals were party backers

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The Article

People are probably sick and tired of me always calling everything a “division of the Liberal Party”, as in “The Supreme Court of Canada division of the Liberal Party”, or the “CBC division of the Liberal Party”, or the “CRTC division of the Liberal Party”.  But I don’t care.  I’m obviously making a salient point—the ramifications of which most Canadians—all liberals—need to chew on for a good while.

Confirming my own well-founded suspicions, Jack Aubry of CanWest News Service writes today in the Vancouver Sun (a CanWest paper, not a Sun Media paper) that (my words coming up) the Liberals in Ottawa are making a concerted effort to ensure that the entire country is dominated by liberals.  Is it any wonder Canadians are so one-sided?  So anti-conservative? So brainwashed?  So liberal?

Unfortunately CanWest papers are by subscription only so a link is all but useless to you, so here’s an extended portion of the article:

[subhead] ‘It did not pay to be in the wrong camp’ in 2003, two law teachers argue

OTTAWA—A recent study of Liberal patronage found that more than half of the federal judicial appointments in 2003—a transition year for prime ministers Jean Chretien and Paul Martin—were supporters of the governing party, a new book reveals.

It concludes that the federal vetting committee for judicial appointments, which was established in 1988, has not successfully removed political affiliation as an important consideration for the federal government.

The Laws of Government: The Legal Foundations of Canadian Democracy, which is co-written by the University of Ottawa’s Craig Forcese and Aaron Freeman, includes another study that found that about 80 per cent of the National Capital Commission’s board members are Liberal patronage appointments.

Forcese and Freeman, who both teach law at the university, comprehensively document the rules governing the democratic process in Canada and make various proposals for democratic reform.

The book, released this week, reports many problems in the Canadian system, including government appointments.

The book notes that between 1995 and 2003, the federal Liberal government had appointed, elevated and promoted 542 non-Supreme Court of Canada judges.

“We chose to focus on appointments for a single year, 2003, a period in which the transition between Jean Chretien and Paul Martin took place,” the book says.

“Patronage practices might be expected to be more common during transitions—even ones within parties.”

By cross-referencing donation records between 1997 and 2003 with the names of 51 new appointees in 2003, the study determined that 27, or 53 per cent, were “probable” or “possible” supporters of the Liberal party of Canada while only two (four per cent) were “probable” supporters of an opposition party.

[…] The book also conducts a similar study of Governor-in-Council appointments—13 members, a vice-chairman and chairman—to the federal board of the National Capital Commission, as it existed in early 2004.

Using the same link between appointments and donations as the one for judges, the study determined that 80 per cent—12 of the 15 members—of the NCC board in 2004 were “probable” or “possible” supporters of the federal Liberal party while none came from the opposition parties. […]

I imagine that virtually all of the appointments to the CBC board and other liberal Canadian mind-control boards such as the CRTC and the National Film Board and the countless other media and culture-related boards—are liberals. We already know that the Liberals take people from the CBC—common reporters like Adrienne Clarkson—and appoint them to all manner of Liberal government positions, like leader of all the land, say.  The Senate is swamped with liberals, and the Supreme Court decided on gay marriage only after it was, thanks to Paul Martin and his two latest appointments, completely dominated by very left-wing liberals. 

And then through various “sponsorships” and grants and loans and subsidies, the Liberals have gotten nearly the entire country—citizens and corporations—hooked on them—reliant upon them—for their very survival.  This was and is their plan.

The biggest task of a Conservative government—and it will be Conservative sooner rather than later—will be to fire at least half the people, and to re-assemble half the organizations and boards and crown corporations in the entire country.  It will by necessity be an employment blood bath if it’s done right.  Some of that scandalously large Employment Insurance surplus will be used up! 

If the Conservatives were to win an election tomorrow, the vast majority of government employees would work feverishly to undermine them and ruin their efforts.  They’re all liberals. Together with the overtly liberal-left media, liberal-left or even Marxist academia, and so on—it’s going to be a tough road just to stay sane. But I’m looking forward to that day just the same!

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