Biden signs order that all plebs wear masks on fed property. Then walks around without one.

Add this to the list of multiple items which the liberal and left news media have to fumble with and avoid tripping over as they write their face-licking tributes to his greatness —that being their yummy new woke liberal progressiveness, the ever-masked President Joe Biden.

The Daily Caller website called it so well in their opener, which offers a two-fer of hypocrisy: the act itself, and Biden’s new press secretary Jen Psaki dismissing any questioning of face-mask-wearing as if it was just another stupid “fake news” question from Fox News. Five minutes ago, you’ll recall, The Most Important Thing In The World was that Donald Trump didn’t always wear a mask, and not doing so would “kill people,” etc. (and that his press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, didn’t wear one at press conferences).

And when Biden gets elected, we were told with great glee, Biden will mandate by law, and enforce face-mask-wearing by all, to be enforced by the state and the rule of law! Which he did. Look!

…And then he and his family proceeded to walk around without one, like a family of super-dooper elite hypocrites trying to mimic Canadian politicians in Ottawa.

“White House press secretary Jen Psaki dismissed criticism of President Joe Biden after he appeared maskless on federal property after signing an executive order mandating that masks be worn.

Psaki told Fox News’ new White House correspondent Peter Doocy — after addressing him by his father’s first name, Steve — that Biden had been celebrating and had taken numerous other precautions, arguing that there were “bigger issues” to address than whether or not he had a mask… “

Jen “Hypocrisy” Psaki, who wasn’t wearing a mask at the news conference which is at the White House (federal property!) even while every single reporter was wearing one, then went on to more important questions from more favorable news reporters, who asked how Biden’s breakfast was, and whether he was reading any good books.

The formerly Ultra Important Mask-Wearing Question was asked by nobody else in the press conference, and no other media reported it. Except Daily Wire! Beauty. Way to build that trust in government, politicians, and the news media, you all!

Biden previously attacked President Donald Trump for not wearing the sacred mask, angrily declaring him an “absolute fool” for not wearing one. Biden is an absolute genius for not wearing one after signing an executive order that everyone has to wear one, while getting the media to lick his unmasked face.

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