Is the BC NDP government in the business of getting its citizens high on drugs?

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The Article

There’s so much wrong here I don’t even know where to begin.

It’s partly about supply and demand, and business. And knowing how to run a business. But it shouldn’t be, for myriad reasons. The big dumb socialist government of BC, the NDP government of John Horgan (with his Green Party boyfriend), is fretting about one of the most basic human needs, today. Smokin’ pot. Gettin’ high. Yup And making sure British Columbians have enough of the drug to get high. Because that’s their job. That’s what they think.

The newspaper headline and subhead is enough to make a normal sober person with a sober brain cringe.

B.C. eyes smaller pot growers to fight product shortage
Province may move to marijuana microproducers to meet demand, minister of solicitor general and public safety says

The government — the freaking government — is now concerned about the supply of a commercially-produced product; moreover one which is designed and grown almost entirely for the purpose of getting citizens high? They’re concerned about the supply of a largely nefarious consumer good? Or any consumer good? Among their concerns is ensuring the adequate supply and demand of a recreational drug? What kind of business model is this, where government concerns itself with the supply and demand of a consumer good that gets people high (and that’s practically its only purpose)? I challenge you to answer this.

What the hell is going on here? I challenge you to answer this too.

What’s going on is that the government is in yet another venture that they have utterly no business being in, and certainly not unless the country they’re governing is North Korea. Or China, or Cuba, or possibly Iran. Communist countries or countries run as idiotocracies. Or some narco state.

And exactly who is it who is fretting so much about this once illicit drug whose sole purpose is to get people high? BC’s Minister of Solicitor General and Public Safety, Mike Farnsworth.

Minister of Public Safety.

You can’t make this stuff up. I’m waiting for the Minister of Health to chime in with his/her statement about the pressing need for the government to ramp up supply of the gettin’ high drugs for his/her citizens to smoke and get high.

It’s like they’re all high on socialist bullshit.

This reminds me of another story making the rounds today, only it doesn’t remind me in the way you might think: it’s about another socialist dumb-dumb, America’s Dumb Socialist Scold-in-Chief, Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who said yesterday, in speaking of the crisis at the US/Mexico border and how border agents are handling the situation, there’s a ‘deliberate policy’ to ‘cage children and inject them with drugs’ because of their nation of origin.

Insane, right? Governments getting people high on drugs. On purpose. As a deliberate policy.

[Edited April 8 2019 for accuracy.]

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