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The Article

Dear Women’s Resource Center:

For years, I have been trying to get you to link the WRC website with the local Crisis Pregnancy Center website. But for ideological reasons you have refused to do so. Today, I write to you requesting the addition of another link, which will inform women of the dangers of dating, or, heaven forbid, actually marrying, fundamentalist Muslim men.

In case you aren’t fluent in Arabic, I have translated the video in its entirety below:

Interviewer: Would you believe that the European woman in our times yearns for a man who would be like a guardian to her? I would like to provide the viewers with some statistics. 90% of British women do not want to marry a weak man who sits down and cries the moment there is a problem. They say “No, such a man looks more like a woman. We want a manly man.” Wife beating is a serious accusation leveled against Islam. Let us examine this matter bit by bit.

Muslim Cleric: Allah honored wives by instating the punishment of beatings.

Interviewer: Honored them with beatings? How is this possible?

Cleric: The Prophet Muhammad said “Do not beat her in the face and do not make her ugly.” See how she is honored? If the husband beats his wife he must not beat her in the face. Even when he beats her he must not hurt her. This seems incredible. He beats her in order to discipline her. But let me explain. In addition there must not be more than ten beatings. And he must not break her bones, injure her, break her teeth, or poke her in the eye. There is a beating etiquette. If he beats her to discipline her he must not raise his hand too high. He must beat her from chest level. All these things honor the woman. She is in need of discipline.

Interviewer: How should the husband discipline her?

Cleric: He should do it through admonishment. If she is not deterred he should refuse to share the bed with her. If she is not repentant he should beat her, but there are rules to the beating. It is forbidden to beat her in the face or make her ugly. When you beat her, you must not curse her. Islam forbids this.

Interviewer: With what should he beat her? Should he beat her with his bare hand? Should he beat her with a rod?

Cleric: If he beats her the beatings should not be hard so that they do not leave a mark. He can beat her with a short rod. He must avoid beating her in the face or in places on the head where it hurts. The beatings should be on the body and should not come one right after the other. These are all choices made during the process. But beatings are allowed only as a last resort. The honoring of the wife in Islam is also evident in the fact that the punishment of beating is permissible in one case only: when she refuses to sleep with him because where else could the husband go? He wants her, but she refuses. He should begin with admonishments and threats.

Interviewer: Allow me to repeat this: A man cannot beat his wife over food or drink. Beatings are permitted only in the case of what the husband cannot do without.

Despite our university’s emphasis on multiculturalism it is becoming evident that not all cultures are equal. I hope that, despite our past differences, we can all agree that a culture condoning the beating of women, for whatever reason, is an inferior culture. This should lead to the inevitable conclusion that extremist Islamic cultures are inferior to ones based on the Judeo-Christian tradition.

Thank you for your time and thank you for watching the video. I hope you will post the link at your earliest convenience. I also trust you will not enter into the conspiracy of silence that allows savages to abuse innocent women while hiding behind the veil of peaceful religion.

Mike S. Adams
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