A conservative spoke! Quick! Get me a leftist!

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The Article

The other day, when the new Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper voiced his support for the Quebec Premier’s move toward some free enterprise solutions for our North Korean-style healtcare system, I was struck by how hideously stuck in left-wing gear the liberal media is.  That’s why I call Canadian TV “LIBERALVISION”. 

No sooner had Mr. Harper finished speaking his 100 words on the subject, than LIBERALVISION news brought on the onslaught of leftist naysayers.  Conservatives must NOT have the last word on anything, ever. 

Even the news anchor revealed her inner socialist, as I saw it, as she lobbed one softball question after another to the leftist genius—but mostly simply letting the leftist lecture us. 

Those of you who ever watch Fox News Channel as I do know how news is done right. Fair and balanced—not rabidly anti-conservative as a matter of guiding principle, as it is here.  They’re so liberal-left here they don’t even realize it any more.  They just think they’re normal.

So I made another li’l video clip, ‘cause that’s what I do. 

Click to watch/listen A conservative said things! 
—The Obligatory Socialist Response

(3 minutes)

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