A boondoggle is right; And a media deception is wrong

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The Article


It reminded me of when the state-owned CBC’s “no-spin” politics show host, Don Newman, tacked-on the suffix “-Gate” to another non-issue concerning the Conservatives,  which he told us he hated to do, but indicated that he was compelled to, because , um, “that’s what it’s called!” (to which all his media panelists, like the National Post’s Don Martin, nodded in agreement).  I guess the “-Gate” god deemed it to be so, and being a religious bunch, the media had to go ahead and call it “-Gate”.

Today though, the liberals’ Vancouver Sun division lists all the things that, in the upcoming parliamentary session, they hope will crush the Conservatives — sorry let me start that again:  I don’t know that they hope these things will crush the Conservatives, but they do seem to hope one or more will become, well, a “boondoggle”. 

They start by declaring it to be a boondoggle.  “5:  STIMULUS BOONDOGGLE”.

Then in the explanatory text they admit it’s the opposition who are praying for it to be a boondoggle, to wit:  “Opposition parties are praying for a boondoggle.” 

Well I guess we know whose corner the Vancouver Sun is in, now don’t we?

But here’s how dumb the media is:  Quite aside from the — hmmm —what do we call that, a Freudian slip?…. 

A)  the very idea that more than a half dozen within the opposition parties would “pray” for anything, is itself pretty funny.  “Pray” to whom, exactly?  Gaea?  Obama?  Father Suzuki?  Possible the Sun is accidentally revealing a sort of left-wing hidden agenda, here, and leaking the notion that left-wing opposition MPs mix religion — “church and state”! — behind the scenes; and are about to turn Canada into a “theocracy”, if they get a majority! 

boondoggle -- I agreeB)  As an actual conservative, I certainly view the “stimulus” (—wink!) spending, both here and in the US, as the dictionary definition of a boondoggle, as seen at right — ridiculous, and a waste.

But obviously that’s not what the Sun — nor the Conservatives’ opposition — mean when they say they “pray for a boondoggle”.  They’re praying that the “stimulus” failed simply because it is proven by the auditor-general to have been mismanaged and mishandled by buffoons (matched by them, who would have done an even worse job).  They don’t even understand their own terms of reference.  So that’s funny.

So predictable was this bit of media idiocy, that I pre-blogged about it over the weekend with my pre-mocking of the story I knew would come out of the Canadian idiot media on Monday.  See “Joel Johannesen used to dabble in Liberal”.  In it, I admitted that I once “dabbled in” Liberal.  I was in high school.

I’m ever so sorry about the coffee cup stain on my Sun article at right.  But this is what the Sun is good for. 

The Vancouver Sun (not to let any other liberal media off the hook —they’re all guilty of the exact same thing), while breathlessly rushing to bash the crap out of the tea-party and Sarah Palin-backed Republican peoples’ choice in Delaware, Christine O’Donnell, and attempting to brandish her as a practicing witch who “dabbled in witchcraft”, on top of being a whacked-out neo-con tea-party and Sarah Palin-backed Republican nutbar, knowingly left out a few details.  Like what O’Donnell had to say about the asinine charges of “witchcraft” against her.  Like, she was in freaking high school. 

But I mean let’s be clear — and honest: the story broke on Friday, and her response was widely circulated on Sunday.  Today is Monday.  So what do you call this?  What kind of journalism is this?  Is this remotely honest?  Are they driving an agenda?  Is this deceptive?  Is this biased beyond the pale?  (ANSWERS: crap; junk; no; yes; yes; and yes.)

Meanwhile, Fox News Channel properly covered it, more fully informing you as to facts, rather than deception or illusion.

Joel Johannesen
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