A Curiosity: Globe and Mail links to Odysee.com for CBC video

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The Article

No, I’m not creating a conspiracy theory on the fly. And no, I’m not accusing anybody of anything nefarious. What I am doing right now is pointing out an oddity: the lead Globe and Mail editorial board editorial this morning is, as I mentioned in an update to yesterday‘s post, about the Liberals’ shambolic bill C-10, which even the Liberals’ Globe and Mail division agrees (with me and every other sensible person), threatens our freedom-of-speech, and by (my) extension, our democracy.

In their own words: “Canadians are right to worry about it.”

That’s remarkable. I mean the G&M and Liberals spend all their time in bed together, doing who-knows-what to each other (let’s not even go there and no, I’m not even going to offer the numerous hilarious puns and double entendres that you know I could, here), and yet here they are — the Globe and Mail — wagging their naked finger at their bedmates, their beloved but apparently naked except for neat socks Trudeau Liberal cabal (it’s group sex), and both Heritage Minister Guilbeault and the emperor Trudeau himself having been publicly exposed by them as wearing no clothes (besides said sox).  And indeed Trudeau is the emperor who wears no clothes. Think about baseball or the CBC to get all those images out of your mind.

But anyway.

I also noticed the Globe and Mail did another strange thing in their writing today. While trying to expose Trudeau’s Minister of Heritage Guilbeault (a truly naked ass) as a total bullshitter (my word, not theirs — they said his are “arguments that don’t add up”), they point to a video clip of a state-owned CBC Power And Politics show, in which the aforementioned naked ass appears as a rambling, stuttering, lying, obfuscating, idiot — as he’s being interviewed by a shockingly incredulous CBC anchor. Yes, a usually reliably obsequious CBC anchor.

That in itself is amazing. I mean it’s amazing that the G&M would deign to do that to their sex partners, but also, watch that video! If you still vote Liberal after watching that, you may drug treatment. Or you need to stop watching liberalvision CTV. Or you need help being removed from a cult. Or you may be in need of sex counseling.

Moreover, it’s the link itself. Here’s a screenshot showing the link:

The link is: https://odysee.com/@ThoughtfulChrysalis:0/steven-guilbeault-of-the-liberal-party:7

Anything odd about that? Yes!

Odysee.com isn’t a sex site, no. But it is a rather, dare I say “subversive” (?) — or at least an unconventional video repository. The free speech haters who just love Twitter’s and YouTube’s censorship and demonetization of conservatives, COVID lockdown-skeptics, government skeptics, people who refuse to announce their pronouns and refuse to genuflect to the “I’m a racist too!” cult, and other heterodox thinkers) try their hardest to cancel Odysee as a bastion of the “alt-right,” “far-right,” and the other usual buzzwords of cancel culture devotees. Odysee does have a more congenial set of content rules than the YouTubes of the world, and strives to be a place which is freer from government and corporate control, much as Parler tried. Leftists are, as we know, dead set against that. They MUST control the conversation.

Videos uploaded to the Odysee site, though, can’t be removed or “deplatformed” or demonetized, at least in the conventional sense, because the site uses a new technological protocol called LBRY, undergirded by blockchain technology. They write about it thus:

…LBRY aims to be an alternative to these sites [YouTube, Instagram, etc], allowing publishers and their fans to interact directly without the risk of demonetization or other meddling.

What makes this all possible is the blockchain technology developed by the creator of Bitcoin. …

… We think users should own their content (and their privacy) instead of handing it over to a corporate giant and their advertising buddies. If you think we’re paranoid, there are dozens of examples of companies abusing users and acting against their interests. It’s not paranoia if they’re actually out to get you. …

… For the same reasons that nobody can prevent a Bitcoin transaction from taking place, nobody can prevent a transaction (like a publication…) from appearing on the LBRY blockchain. …

See what I mean now? See how it seems odd that Globe and Mail editors would link to a state-owned CBC video on that site, rather than, say, a clip on YouTube, or their beloved CBC site itself (here’s the CBC link to the video!), or, since they are rather familiar with their other bedmates, the CBC, a video of their own damn making?

In case you’re not connecting the dots, content on Odysee.com can’t be as easily regulated and controlled and censored by the government authorities in they way that the Trudeau and Guilbeault Liberals, and the Chinese Communist Party, and North Korean dictator Kim Jung Un, all seek to do.

One could rightly suggest that it is possible the G&M is concerned about the CBC, perhaps with the help of YouTube, and perhaps with instruction from Liberal Party HQ or the PMO’s Katie Telford, which wouldn’t be shocking at this point, arranging the tossing of that clip down the memory hole, and pretending it never happened. I mean that’s how revealing that clip is of their perfidy.

By linking to it on the blockchain, whence videos cannot easily be erased, banned, or censored without shutting down the internet in Canada (that couldn’t happen here under this government!), it shall remain there forever.

Have they lost their trust in their partners? With bill C-10, it would be no surprise if they have. At the very least, this exemplifies some sort of a snub to Trudeau and his CBC division. Or some sort of we’ll show you who’s boss, you idiots.

One more curious thing: who is it who uploaded that state-owned, copyrighted CBC video to Odysee? Let’s look! (Click for larger image):

The uploader was a fellow (or gal? Or “non-binary” “humankind” “personage.” Pronouns not indicated) named “@punditclass.” Zero followers. Created 14 days ago. Just that one CBC video upload. A political pundit, one could reason. A pundit from the Globe and Mail? One could speculate. Is the Globe and Mail hedging their bets about the future of Canada and the future of freedom therein, in light of C-10? Who knows.

And will they kick those asses out of their bed now?

Joel Johannesen
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Joel Johannesen
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Latest posts by Joel Johannesen (see all)

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