66-yr-old totally blond former Liberal MP woman from Canada mocks Trump’s appearance. “LOL”

Tweets the totally naturally blond 66-year-old former Liberal MP from Ontario, Michelle Simson, today:

Got it: commenting on someone’s personal appearance *is* totally cool after all. It just depends on who’s commenting, and who is being judged — i.e., what party they belong to.

Or is it just what sex they are? Well that too, I think. It’s confusing. She tweeted this gem just before that one:

So the color of their skin, their hair, what they wear — have at it.

Never mind all that blather from women and women’s groups and all we’ve been scolded about — by finger-wagging liberals and Liberals — for decades. Simson is a former president of the Ontario Women’s Liberal Commission. She also sat as a member of the Standing Committee on the Status of Women. So that certainly was a good use of time.

Oh yeah: “LOL”

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