I don’t need to issue a spoiler alert here. We all know the story. The (AP) article is 19 paragraphs long. After the first few, I already knew it was a Democrat who was being accused of corruption, because there was no political party mentioned. After a dozen more, it was painfully obvious.

Republicans, when the story is about them, are party-I.D.’d in the headline, in the sub-head, and 14 times in the first two paragraphs, and then several more times afterwards. The story is accompanied by a huge close-up — possibly a black and white, but in any case a very bad or particularly ugly photo. If it’s a “bad” story about Ivanka Trump, they’ll find the one not-fantastic photo of her, zoom-in to her pores, and post that. In this way, you know immediately that they’re talking about a Republican, and it’s all about them being a Republican, and don’t you forget it; and this is, of course, all by careful design.

In the case of this story though, in paragraph 18 (out of 19) they reveal the party, and only in passing, designed to not really reveal her political party or discuss it. They’re fooling nobody, but they don’t care.

Pugh would certainly face a bruising 2020 Democratic primary if she were to return and run for re-election. Many political observers believe she’ll never again be able to wield power effectively due to the scandal.

It’s not as if it’s obvious to readers who she is or what party she belongs to. This story about the Baltimore, Maryland mayor was posted in the Globe and Mail, and most Canadians don’t have the foggiest clue about her. The American CNN shocks us by for once being rather honest, open, and up-front about something negatively affecting their obvious agenda, stating “Democrat” plainly in paragraph two, for the edification of their readers (who fondly know by name every Democrat who ever lived).

The FBI and criminal investigators from the Internal Revenue Service executed court-authorized search warrants at the home of the Democratic mayor…

Alas the Washington Post waited until the very last of their more than 30 paragraphs to type the word “Democrat,” although they did allow a subtle “(D)” after her name in the second paragraph.

I don’t need to dig up stories posted back when this woman won her election. The word Democrat would have been plastered all over them and you’d struggle to find many other words. I mean besides “woman,” and “black,” or “African-American,” because she also enjoys those features. Those ever-so important “intersectional” — or identity politics — values rank among the highest of the left’s virtues. Right up there with victim. Today in this news story, we are not reminded of those ever-so important “intersectional” values at all. She’s barely a Dem!

This mayor, Catherine Pugh, took over the mayor’s job from another woman, also a black woman and therefore celebrated by the media, who was herself embroiled in controversy, in this case an ugly race-based controversy, wherein she was accused of stoking race-based violent riots, and of arranging for her city to pay a $6.4 million settlement to Freddie Gray’s family, in advance of the trial of the six police officers who were alleged to have treated him poorly, resulting in his death in a paddy wagon. Some of the officers were later found not guilty in their trials, other trials ended in mistrials, or the charges were dropped. Not one was found guilty. This, notwithstanding the advance settlement made before their trials. Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake wisely chose not to run for a second term. But now this.

Baltimore has gone downhill over the years. The city suffers many hundreds of murders per year and is one of the highest crime cities anywhere, and the police are demoralized after repeatedly being wrongly blamed by (D) politicians locally and (D) politicians federally. This is the result after over fifty solid years of Democratic Party mayors, and thanks in large part to those last two awful mayors, who are now barely identified as anything other than “mayor.”

By my reading of the media, we are literally supposed to NOT learn from this history.

You can’t trust a politically-correct agenda-driven media. And you didn’t have to wait until the last paragraph to find that out.

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