Canada’s news media, I’ve long maintained, is the only reason the NDP exists in Canada. The liberal-leftist media has propped them up and maintained an illusion of their legitimacy pretty much from day one. It’s the game they play.

The militantly far-left Unifor — the reporters’ union which declared they were going to be “Scheer’s worst nightmare” — want a left-wing party, and even more preferably, just one party — a further left-wing party. And the NDP would do in a crunch.  It’s the only reason the NDP has a heartbeat at all (the brainwaves are gone). Always lame, this election cycle the NDP is on life support and near death.

And therefore the new media hasn’t written a thing about it. United they stand.

They’re good at both hiding things, and reporting things wrongly and out of context, in order to advance their agendas. Thus, for example, Trump is a “racist” and a “white supremacist,” and now, as a new added bonus and to keep things lively, so are all his supporters (read on, as the state-owned CBC division of the left has allowed this view to be advanced, unchallenged, by their most famous propagandist on staff).

This time it’s a question of hiding stories, to be sure, but also, as is only natural, hiding their own failure: their ever-diminishing ability to completely control the narrative, and alter Canadians’ votes to their liking.

The failure here is the media’s effort at propping up the sad NDP. Languishing in the polls once again, as per usual, this time it has the feeling of something worse, because it is. Aside from languishing, fully a third of the NDP membership in the House is ditching the cause. Forteen MPs out of 44 who chose to run for the NDP in 2015 and who actually won, and who are now sitting in Parliament as MPs, have said alavidā and are not running again.

That’s shocking news for any party, and you can be sure they and all their supporters are talking about it a great deal. It’s just not being talked about publicly or in the news media.

On top of that bad news for the extreme left, the other leftist party, the Liberals, are not obviously winning in a landslide, which, given Trudeau’s name-recognition versus Scheer’s and given their extremely friendly news coverage over the past four years, you’d think they would be. Moreover, they are struggling to even get their candidates lined up. More than 100 (out of 338) of the Liberals are still not even nominated. That’s nearly 1/3 of their candidates!

Not being able to attract candidates and get organized enough to get them nominated is big, bad political news. This is therefore not discussed outside of The Party’s HQ or the newsrooms. At all.

It gets worse for the left: the Liberals’ one-third problem will be solved by a little “basic dictatorship.” Trudeau has said he most “admires” communist China’s “basic dictatorship,” and today, the Liberals’ ruling elite prove it. Today the Party establishment has invoked their dictatorial, clearly undemocratic, Party policy option of simply bypassing the local, grassroots nomination processes across the country, and instead will have dear leader Justin Trudeau, the awful Gerry Butts of SNC-Lavalin infamy, and other Liberal politburo members at Liberal HQ appoint 1/3 of all their candidates. Called the “national electoral urgency” clause, it’s actually the Liberal Party’s urgent problem, not a “national” one at all, but they get Party and nation confused, those curmudgeony basic dictators. Voting is stupid when the elites know better. (And if you report any of this, you won’t get your promised subsidies from the state, or the Party, or Unifor, or whatever.)

One-third of Canada’s main political parties is near death because they’ve lost 1/3 of their body; another one-third is on a waiting list for surgery and engaged in a basic dictatorship to control 1/3 of their body.

All these thirds are worth reporting on, in depth, if you’re a fair, normal news media, and it should normally be great fodder for all those opinionators to comment on and ruminate about in their respective rags and on TV. But what we’re witnessing here is a giant LOOK! SQUIRREL! to avert your gaze.

It’s not the Conservative Party, which, in juxtaposition, is as popular and strong and organized as ever, and are smashing fundraising records, so, crickets from the media (yes, also about the Conservatives’ positives). It’s better for the media that this all remain quiet. Financially and otherwise.

Just today, during this Liberal and NDP political death march and while dictatorial powers are being invoked, and during this otherwise busy election summer which is mixed with other murdery news from northwestern BC to gangy Toronto, the state-owned features this headline by one of their several leftist smearmongers: “Canada glories in summer, while Trump feeds and waters his racist mooncalves: Neil Macdonald.”

“Racist mooncalves” — Trump’s supporters — are defined in the dictionary as morons, freaks, and literally, aborted cow fetuses. Apparently they’re racist to boot. Good boy, Neil. Thanks, CBC. I feel the love. The unity. The measured tone. My tax dollars being well spent.

And “glories?” Neither the NDP, nor the Liberals running in one of those unelected ridings, nor the party supporters, nor the family and friends of Canada’s recent murder victims, are seeing much “glory.” Unmoved, the compassionate CBC political expert’s second sentence is literally this: “There hasn’t been much Canadian news…”  So it’s officially declared. Nothing to see here, folks, just look down there in the Trump shit hole. Neil Macdonald’s penultimate conclusion at the CBC today is this: “Trump’s America is a midden [definition: literally, a shit hole].” And just to put a finer point on it, he added “To hell with it.”

All this lovetalk is copacetic with the state-owned, taxpayer-funded CBC — which is apparently having serious journalistic, editorial control, and maybe even ethical problems, but which I’m sure will nonetheless get 1/3 more funding if Trudeau is elected, especially if this kind of talk keeps up.

On the positive side, this all bodes well for Conservatives, since they’re obviously winning despite the left’s efforts. It also gives us all another chance to play “Imagine if this were about the the Conservative Party!” (Or the U.S. version, “…Republicans!”) but I know, the game is getting really boring now. I’ve said it before: maybe we should all stop playing games.

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