“Lexus Liberals” – a funny by Conservatives… and then even funnier: the state-owned CBC comes to the Liberals’ rescue.

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The Article

A Conservative Party with a sense of humor. In today’s email:


Dear Joel,

Last week we told you about the Liberals getting up to their same old tricks.

The Liberal Health Minister was caught red-handed doling out more than $7,000 in taxpayer dollars to one of her Liberal insider friends that worked on her election campaign.

We have an important update though!

When it was reported that Minister Jane Philpott was charging taxpayers for limo service around Toronto at an obscene rate, the Liberals moved quickly to ensure everyone got the story right, and pointed out that it was actually a Lexus, and not a limousine.

So to be clear: it wasn’t paying over $7,000 in taxpayer dollars to her insider friend’s limo company for a limousine rental – it was over $7,000 in taxpayer dollars to her Liberal insider friend’s limo company for a Lexus rental!

When we originally called Minister Philpott a Limousine Liberal, we should have called her a Lexus Liberal.

The confusion is understandable. We figured charging taxpayers $1,700 for a one day ride around Toronto from a limo company owned by her campaign worker was obviously for a limo.

We stand corrected. It was, in fact, $1,700 for a one day ride around Toronto from a limo company owned by her campaign worker – in a Lexus.

We regret the error.

Apparently the CBC gets these emails too.

Almost as quickly as the opposition Conservatives took to the offence and drove their email-list putt-putt to their subscribers, the Liberals’ state-owned CBC division got behind the wheel of one the mammoth taxpayers’ trucks and drove it right over the Conservatives and tried to kill ’em in a hit and run — apparently unaware that their hideous Liberal sycophancy is painted all over the side of the state-owned truck.

The CBC is smugly playing the silly-bugger here, just as the Liberal minister is  —  both of them on the taxpayers’ dime. They set about “reporting” not on their Liberals’ waste of taxpayer cash and their hypocrisy and possibly lies and certainly their overt lack of transparency, but focus instead on whether the Conservatives are justified in calling Liberals “Limousine Liberals.

The crack CBC team of investigative journalists went into action, simply repeating the minister’s own words in explaining whether or not this chauffeur-driven Lexus is, in fact, a “limousine”:

Philpott’s office has repeatedly refused to tell reporters what kind of vehicle a Toronto limousine service used in shuttling the minister around, saying only that it wasn’t a limousine.

Again, whether it’s called a limousine or not is not the point, and they all know it. But your trusty CBC continues to mow down the Conservatives, purposely missing the actual point. Reminder: they are being serious here, not joking:

While it can often be found in the fleets of limousine services, the Lexus ES 300 does not generally fall into the category of limousine.

Well thanks for that dynamite research on something utterly immaterial. But again, they’re playing on the false notion that what matters is whether or not it is a limousine, rather than the huge dollar amount blown, and the principle, and the hypocrisy, and lack of transparency….

They then try… to again continue to fake you out and make out like it’s all about whether it was a limo or not, using actual investigative journalism-looking techniques like using a special subheading within their report just to make their point, which is actually utterly immaterial (I had to use a screenshot here just because it is hard to believe):


Well they already instructed you previously that the “Lexus ES 300 does not generally fall into the category of limousine.” So this lecture is just getting boring.

But since the state-owned CBC failed, we come to your actual rescue:

Dictionary – Limousine
1. Any of various large passenger vehicles, especially a luxurious automobile usually driven by a chauffeur and sometimes having a partition separating the passenger compartment from the driver’s seat.

(And also, that’s exactly not the point, and they’re hypocrites, they’re unprincipled, they lack transparency despite their campaign promises… there, you’re rescued.)

The limousine science sides with the Conservatives. The CBC could have just looked it up. (Oh right…so they probably did look it up!). Can we agree it wasn’t a staffer driving her around in a Dodge Dart, or a taxicab — a Prius or Corolla driven by a taxi driver and costing $129, and instead it cost many thousands of dollars? No! They are stuck on stupid, or spurious.

And the CBC seems to realize that they can’t convince anybody about the veracity of either the Liberals’ claims or their own, so they just go right after the Conservatives directly, instead of going after the Liberals at all:

However, the promise to write a cheque and the revelation that the vehicle was a luxury Lexus hasn’t silenced the Conservatives, who have dubbed Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government “Limousine Liberals” in fundraising pitches to party supporters.

Imagine those Conservative hacks not being “silenced” and continuing to call them “Limousine Liberals” — and trying to make money off this  — when the CBC has already stated quite clearly that the “Lexus ES 300 does not generally fall into the category of limousine.”

More stuff not covered in epic CBC investigative journalism:
Just in case you don’t know, a Lexus car is fancy. Liberal fancy. Most cost $60-90,000. Their top-of-the-line SUV goes for well over $105,000. Lexus is a Japanese car, and the ES300 is made in Japan. Not in Canada. So watch for the eight-part Passionate Eye series on how the Liberals hate Canada. Also, Lexus has a hybrid ES300 model called the ES300H. The environmentally-obsessed Liberals allowed their minister to drive around all day in non-hybrid car? Someone get Suzuki on the horn! That’s an abomination worthy of at least three weeks of reporting outrage about how the Liberals hate the environment.  Or at least it would be if we were talking about a Conservative minister.

Lexus ES300 like the one Liberals get driven around in for $1700 a day.

UPDATE (Aug 24 2016)

Ethics commissioner to examine Philpott’s use of car service

… “The issue of getting caught and paying the money back is secondary to the larger issue that ministers of the Crown are obliged to follow very clear rules on ethics to make sure that they’re not being seen to be giving preferential treatment to friends and insiders,” [NDP MP Charlie] Angus said.

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