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And it’s manifestly: “All we are say—ing, is don’t give democracy a chance. La la la laaaa, laa, la la la la laaaa…

I just had that hippy anthem “Give Peace a Chance” running through my head as I watched the TV news, and a small tribe of non-conservatives—oh I’ll go crazy and call ‘em left-wing protesters even if the liberal media would never do that—tried, as they so often do, to end free-speech and replace it with their anti-democracy and Islamist-terrorist-appeasing rhetoric disguised as concern for “peace” and a need to “end the war in Afghanistan”, and other leftist tripe commonly heard amongst Layton’s you’ve got to be kidding party, Dion’s Liberals, and Duceppe’s Quebecois socialists. 

By way of complete explanation, a Conservative was trying to speak in Montreal.

It was the Canadian foreign affairs minister Maxime Bernier, talking-up the war on terror on the Afghanistan front.  Therefore the far-left fringe was there to stop it (both the speech and the war), by shouting him down as best they could and demanding we surrender to the Islamist terrorists just like Layton and his followers demand we do, and Dion demands we do on his cool-sounding deferred surrender plan. And also identical to the way Osama bin Laden and other “impoverished”, “misunderstood” jihadist terrorists demand we do. 

I’m only surprised the Canadian audience at the speech didn’t applaud madly for the leftist protesters like they do on The View whenever Rosie O’Donnell or Joy Behar or one of their far-leftist guests lecture us.

For 38 years they’ve been preaching that we ought to “Give Peace a Chance”.  Why not create peace, and then “give democracy a chance”?  Oh that’s an easy one:  It’s because of course they’re against that.  Against democracy.  They’re communists, socialists, Islamists, fascists, supporters to Islamofascist dictatorships, CBC reporters—I don’t know.  All I know is that they don’t vote Conservative or Republican. 

I never hear Layton or Dion decry these enemy supporters of course—in fact I more often hear them support the enemy and rush to defend their perceived “rights”.  Layton and Dion are more apt to slam and warn against and talk-down U.S. President George Bush than any Islamofascist jihadist.  (So I guess they do slam their enemy!)

When asked about it by the media, which is never, ever, they bend logic like a pretzel and deem the protesters to be the ones who are exercising “free speech”.  As all of us in the conservative-voting sane set can easily recognize, they’re actually subverting free speech, with the able help and encouragement of the Laytons, Dions, and Duceppes of our world.  But that’s their BS line and they’re all stickin’ to it, “open-mindedness” and “democracy” be damned.

Of course this is all rather unfortunate since I’ve been decrying the Conservatives both here and to a lesser extent down south, for their lack of leadership in convincing Canadians and Americans—the whole world, really—to rally to the good and noble cause of fighting this war against the extremists in Iraq, Afghanistan, or wherever else, other than having to fight it here.  And darn the luck, here was one man sort of kind of doing just that, sort of.

I hedge because Bernier seemed to have been doing this by evoking all the vigor of a timid little girl, in his effort at rousing the nation to the imperative of rallying around our noble mission.  Even the state-run left-wing-and-pacifist-style CBC reporter covering the story declared Maxime Bernier’s speech as “mostly boilerplate stuff.”  Great. I might protest that myself.  “Boilerplate stuff” is not exactly what the doctor ordered.

The reporter did generously allow that Bernier said (apparently very gently, like a good Canuck) that we need to give the mission time.  Give it a chance, please, if you don’t mind terribly, and France agrees, and the U.N.‘s OK with it, as it were.  But in a positive mood, I nonetheless extended the logic in my head to mean “Give democracy a chance.”  I added the words “dammit, you morons” and such. And thus this entry.

Unlike the hippies of old, I’ll draw the line way before getting pierced nipples, getting tattoos, smoking pot until I fall over, and then attending shout-downs and protests. I’ll vote for conservatives or people who are prepared to fight and defend freedom and the freedom of others. 

Joel Johannesen
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