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The Article

Last week, I wrote about a situation at NC State University involving interference with the dissemination of Christian literature on the grounds that it amounted to “thought solicitation.” I accused a woman by the name of Deb Luckadoo – an NC State administrator – of bending policies in order to discriminate against Christians.

Since running that article, I’ve been getting some interesting email that has demonstrated conclusively that poor, tolerant homosexuals are the victims of hate crimes – and possibly thought crimes. At the same time, Christians experiencing no troubles whatsoever.

If you can’t feel the sarcasm dripping off my pen, please read the following:

  From: [email protected]

  Ever hear of that nutbag? He used to harrass [sic] students all the time!

  I bet you are as big a hypocrite as ALL Republicans. For all I know I bet you’ve got a d*** in the a** right now.

  F*** off, bigot.

  I’d love to have a Q and A with you on the 18th. See you there, b**ch.


To: [email protected]

Gosh Brian, that is just terrible. What is the name of the preacher to whom you refer?


To: [email protected]

I am so disappointed that you are unable to identify the preacher who “harassed” people at NC State. Now, I will move on to my next point.

I do not appreciate your suggestion that I had a hoo hoo dilly up my rectum when you wrote to me. In reality, I was alone with a beautiful blond-haired woman when you wrote. She does not have a hoo hoo dilly. That’s why we spend so much time alone. I believe that your decision to insult people by dubbing them gay is an example of hate speech. Should I report you to the new NC State GLBT center?


  From: [email protected]


  I don’t give a s*** what you appreciate.

  What I remember was some old coot labeled “the brickyard preacher” that used to rant and rave in, guess what, the brickyard. I don’t know, he was there for most of the nineties. Bottom line, no one ever kicked his sorry butt out, they gave him his space and let his own rantings be his own doing in. Ironically, this is what usually happens to me to [sic].

  I’m tired of self-righteous a****les, such as yourself, judging others. So what if they have an area for like minded individuals to congregate…I’m sure you had many a young republican meeting here or there.

  Report me wherever the hell you like, you will still be a jackass. And probably a closet homo as well (most of you bastards are).

  Till we speak again, yours truly,


To: [email protected]

Wow, Brian Stewart. It looks like you’ve bitten off a little more than you can chew. You don’t seem to be able to identify a single person by name who has engaged in Christian hate speech. I have you beat on the issue of hate speech. In fact, I have a quote from Deb Luckadoo essentially admitting that she wants a GLBT Center, not just to make the Gilberts feel comfortable, but to fight against Southern Baptist beliefs.

Read the following quote from Luckadoo: “This is the South. This is the heart of Southern Baptist country. It’s hard for students to disengage from their backgrounds. That’s exactly why we need an LGBT [sic] center here. We need to change the overall climate of our university.”

Does that sound like anti-Christian hate speech? I mean, I really don’t think people should be so self-righteous towards Southern Baptists, do you? Judge not, lest ye be judged?


  From: [email protected]


  I’m sorry, you must have mistaken me for somebody who gives a s*** about you or your beliefs.

  Live and let live.

  Brian Stewart

To: [email protected]

Very good, Brian. Your tolerance and high intelligence are both showing through. Then I can count on your support for my friends – people who you do not know and who have never uttered a word of “hate speech” – passing out Christian literature at NC State? I’m serious. Can we count on you?


  From: [email protected]

  If you would, please hand out your propaganda near some recycling bins…

  Why can’t you just proselytize in church? You already have the government paying for those facilities. I don’t think you would tolerate gays there passing out flyers, would you?

  Leave em’ alone, dude. If you drank the kool-aid, so be it, but don’t pass judgment on me or anyone else.

  Any other questions? Can you quit spanking it to this little exchange, now?


To: [email protected]

Brian, the purpose of this exchange has been to illustrate the intolerance of the gay community, which claims tolerance as its highest virtue. I regret deeply that I will not be able to discuss this with you on February 18th at 7 pm on the campus of NC State. Unfortunately, I have just learned that the NC State administration is going to try to bar me from the event. But I have a solution.

Several of my Christian friends – people I know from the National Rifle Association – will be showing up in my place. We intend to show them that censorship backfires. In two hours I will also be mailing our little exchange to 275,000 people asking whoever can come to the NC State Witherspoon Campus Cinema on February 18th at 7 p.m. to please take the time to do so.

Brian, we are going to show a bunch of intolerants like you that Free Speech and Religious Expression are not dead in America just because hysterical gay people pretend to be offended in an environment far more accepting of gays than Christians.

I regret that the intellectual insecurity of NC administrators will prevent us from meeting. I could learn so much from one as tolerant, open-minded, and principled as you.


Mike S. Adams
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