Who’s running for the “Ottawa” party?

“Ottawa’s” hypocrisy. Oh dear. Spot the irony.

“Ottawa” is code for “Liberals and NDP,” and is used by the “news” media whenever there’s something going on in Big Government Ottawa — when Libs or NDP are in control — that doesn’t please the progressive set, or which makes them look silly in the face of science or logic or freedom or free markets or common sense.

They’ll claim “oh you’re making it political.” Well yes. First of all, so are you by failing to identify the politics surrounding it — and politics is literally surrounding all of it from top to bottom; moreover, it’s literally all exactly about nothing but politics.

As just about everybody should know, but maybe doesn’t know because the “news” media fails in their core job and either hide it (as they did today) or mock it contemporaneously as best they can, many conservatives, like me, have, for decades, been railing against the practice of this ideologically far-left, Soviet-style “central planning” practice of know-it-all government setting prices and production controls on the dairy industry (or of anything at all, for that matter). And she knows it.

The word “Conservative” (or “Tory”) appears this many times in her article: bupkis.

And “Liberals” is replaced with “Ottawa,” making it seem as though everybody’s on the same page on this political — political! — policy question.

Well done. Vote “Ottawa” next time.

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