Since Israel’s disengagement from the Gaza Strip, the Palestinians have basically been left to their own devices.  The world has gotten an eyeful of just what a much-anticipated Palestinian state might look like—and it’s not a pretty picture.

The dust hadn’t even settled after the last of the Jews had been removed from Gaza when Palestinians resorted to form.  Looting and demolishing buildings they might otherwise have been able to reside in, the Palestinians displayed the sort of destructive and dysfunctional behavior they’ve become known for.  They soon graduated to burning down synagogues, a time honored tradition from the days of Nazi Germany.  In a final orgy of idiocy, they tore apart the expensive greenhouses that altruistic Jews, among others, had foolishly purchased for them in the hopes that they would actually produce something.  Who needs food when you can destroy a greenhouse instead?

When reported at all, such actions were described by the mainstream media merely as harmless “celebrations”; or chalked up to the frustrations of a long “oppressed”; people.  Behavior that would be deemed unacceptable were it exhibited by any other group suddenly became fodder for touchy-feely news segments.  None of these “reporters”; came to the obvious conclusion that had any unarmed Jews remained in the evacuated settlements they would certainly have been slaughtered by these peace-loving Palestinian mobs.

Facing a decrease in Jewish targets, the Palestinians have begun to eat their own.  Vigilante killings have gone up exponentially this year, while kidnapping, theft and lawlessness in general is also on the rise.  Hamas managed to blow up 16 Palestinians during a routine “work accident”; at one of their famous kid-friendly rallies.  Yet another rally to “celebrate”; the pullout was disrupted by shots fired into the air and crowds stoning the stage.  Honor killings, already a regular feature of Palestinian society, continued on unabated.  Then there was the small matter of an American and a British reporter being kidnapped by Palestinian terrorists.  Nothing to see here, folks.  Move along.

In a glimmer of what “Palestinian democracy”; is likely to portend, the terrorist group Hamas appears to be heading for a takeover of government institutions.  Should they succeed, senior Hamas leader Mahmoud Zahar has promised to install Sharia or Islamic law under which both dancing and gays won’t be allowed.  I’m sure members of QUIT (Queers Undermining Israeli Terrorism) will be speaking out against this injustice any day now.

Anyone wondering what a Palestinian state might look like has only to observe the  behavior cited above to get an answer.  Palestinian culture, such as it is, has been mired in hatred for so long that they have little else to put forward.  The death cult that has subsumed their society is in fact what they offer the world.  While people all across the globe, including Jews, have survived upheaval and gone on to forge new lives and societies, the Palestinians seem to be incapable of creating anything. Without Israel providing them with water, food and jobs (before the Intifada) and the “international community”; pumping them with money, they would simply die off in the desert or be subsumed by their more powerful Arab neighbors.  In fact, the latter outcome appears more likely by the day.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.  Long ago, I commented on the Palestinians’ potential for achievement should they ever choose to redirect their considerable energies toward more productive pursuits.  Indeed, the skill at which elaborate effigies of Israeli and American symbols are constructed and later burned, displays a certain penchant for detail.  If only effigy factories were a thriving industry, the Palestinians would be all set.

Another Palestinian talent is public relations, an essential component which consists of constant whining.  In fact, they have a whole film industry devoted to producing such propaganda and manipulating the gullible Western media.  Its called Pallywood.  A fascinating short documentary (available online) by that name exposes the sets, actors, props and dupes for the world to see.  Not that this will stop anyone from continuing to take part in the charade.  Like I said, when you’re good, you’re good. 

From its mythical beginnings to its continuing ability to attract followers, the “Palestinian cause”; has taken on a life of its own.  It’s the third world “resistance movement”; de jour and entire classes of Westerners would have no purpose in life if not for its existence.  The Palestinians can literally do or espouse anything and the world will willingly turn a blind eye.  What’s more, they’re falling all over themselves to offer these paragons of virtue their own state.   

For my own part, I’m ready to give the Palestinians their own homeland right now…on Mars, that is.  Come to think of it, I wouldn’t wish that on Mars.  Okay, Egypt, they’re all yours.