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‘Radical Islam’ has to be quashed

My friend Herb Meyer is quite a fellow in many ways.

During President Ronald Reagan’s administration, he served as special assistant to the Director of Central Intelligence, Bill Casey, and was vice-chairman of the CIA’s National Intelligence Council. He was also awarded the National Intelligence Distinguished Service Medal, the highest award an intelligence officer can receive.

I’ve written about Herb before, and how his DVD The Siege of Western Civilization (www.siegeofwesternciv.com) is an international bestseller.

Well, Meyer has produced yet another authoritative paper warning us how, if we don’t halt radical Islam in its tracks—and free moderate Muslims from its totalitarian rule—western civilization itself will fall.

The way Meyer sees it, we haven’t quite decided if we have the will—the guts—to destroy radical Islam and not only preserve our democratic way of life, but to spread it to other people.

He talks about “operating systems” and how, as in computers, they can go wrong if not nurtured.

We were able to win the Cold War and destroy the Communist operating system without too much violence. We basically drove the Soviet Union into bankruptcy in an arms race it couldn’t keep up with, and freed hundreds of millions of people from slavery in the U.S.S.R. and Eastern Europe.

He describes this as a “staggering achievement” for which , one day, Reagan, Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and Pope John Paul will be “celebrated” in history.

The Second World War was different. We had no choice “but to shoot and bomb our way through Italy, to flatten Germany, and to drop two nuclear bombs on Japan.”

Says Meyer: “It was horrific, but it worked.”

The war ended, the Fascist operating system ceased to exist, and the people on whom the operating system had been imposed found their way forward. Japan joined western civilization, and Italy and Germany rejoined it.

Just as with the Axis Powers and Soviet Russia, radical Islam is now engaged in a no-holds-barred war to destroy western civilization.

Unless we decide to win this war at whatever the cost, we, our children and grandchildren, will live under the radical Islam operating system.

He points out most Germans were not Nazis, and most Russians were not Communists, just as most Muslims are not Radical Islamics. They just lived, or live, under an operating system imposed on them by their brutal leaders.

Both in Afghanistan and Iraq, moderate Muslims are being given the first chance they have ever had to live in freedom.

Yet, radical Islam is determined not only to thwart moves, but to bring the rest of the world under its operating system.

The mess in Iraq is because we haven’t “hit the Radical Islamic operating system hard enough to crush it,” he writes. To do so, we have to “get set for a level of fighting we haven’t seen since the darkest days of the Second World War.”

War isn’t “laser surgery”. You have to hit the enemy with all you have, as in the Second World War, and force a capitulation. No army can keep fighting without the tacit support of its civilian population.

When Gen. William Sherman declared “war is hell,” he meant it. “War is a miserable, sloppy business, in which innocent people suffer greatly.” Sherman hated marching through Georgia during the American Civil War, and inflicting the pain on decent people who happened to be living there, but he knew that doing so was the only way to end that war,

Meyer’s diagnosis, and prognosis, is an absorbing read. Authoritatively written, it hits home hard. You can read it in The American Thinker (www.americanthinker.com).

Then come to your own conclusions.


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