VIDEO – Amazing reporting on left-wing anti-oil activism & possible corruption re rocker Neil Young

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The Article

This is some amazing investigative journalism and reporting. And this is not being paid for with your tax dollars! That’s right, it’s at Sun News Network, not the state-owned, state-funded, left-wing bastion, the CBC, which only seems to engage in investigative journalism and reporting if a random conservative from the U.S. or Canada says something pro-free-markets, pro-business, pro-life, pro-gun-rights, pro-America, or pro-Israel.

Watch as Sun News Network’s Ezra Levant ably deconstructs some pretty cryptic and purposely opaque left-wing eco-activist funding of anti-Canadian oil and gas activists, protesters, agitators, and, possibly, aging rocks stars!  Apparently they go about their left-wing activism and protestations and agitation by using wire transfers to numbered companies.

The funding in this case seems to come from from the giant multinational billionaire interest/protest/lobby group, the U.S.-based Tides Foundation.  This is a group which, if I recall my own sleuthing from years gone by, has direct but, again, obfuscated ties to left-wing billionaire George Soros.

Soros funds myriad left-wing and sometimes radical-left interest and activist groups. Name a left-wing group, and follow the money (and believe me, they’re among the most well-monied groups in both countries), and George Soros very often holds the purse.

Tides’ possible funding of stompy-foot Neil Young’s Blame Canada Anti-Oil & Gas (and oh yeah, a concert) Tour is not proven here. There’s such a tangled web of financial sources and funding from this organization, as I’ve personally found out in the past, and such secrecy in Tides’ check-passing and wire transfers to numbered companies, as Ezra Levant explains, it seems to me it would take a mammoth investigation to even remotely get to the bottom of it all. It would probably have to involve legal measures and law-enforcement officials from both the U.S. and Canada. Sadly, there’s no appetite for that from the left-wing Obama regime, as you might expect, but nor is there from the “Conservative” administration here in Canada.

What appears more certain is that Tides wired money to a numbered company owned by an Indian band, the Chief of which which takes a seat next to Neil Young on this Neil Young Blame Canada Anti-Oil & Gas (and oh yeah, a concert) Tour.

News reports like this on left-wing activists (which you never, ever see in the liberal mainstream media, which all but covers-up for them) give us some keen insight into how some far-left political activist groups work. Imagine this Tides cabal even possibly scheming to even possibly launch a covert effort to use their vast hundreds of millions of dollars (which rich and successful left-wing Americans have donated to them), to entice politicians (the Indian band chief and council members) and a name-brand rocker (even if he is an aged old hippie from days gone way by) into hyping-up some baseless dangers of Canadian oil and gas development. For political purposes. Using sneaky, opaque wire transfers to numbered companies, owned by Indian bands which are federally-funded.

Who even thinks of this stuff? What kind of people are they? Where do they get names of pliable useful idiots like Neil Young? Who are the people who are making the calls and arranging these seemingly or potentially corrupt deals?

Don’t even get me started on the hypocrisy of a multimillionaire rock star who lives the high-life in the U.S. in several homes on countless acreage, who has and I’m sure still does fly around on jets to make millions of dollars.

See additional reports (vids):
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