Trudeau Jr., uh, won’t, uh, support BC Liberal Clark in BC Libs’, uh, re-election bid. Duh.

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The Article

Trudeau Jr doesn’t realize he’s doing Clark a favor;
Clark claims she doesn’t care if her liberal love
has just been formally unrequited.

Both Joyce Murry (the failed federal Liberal Party leader contender from BC) and Justin Trudeau (the already failed but newly minted Liberal Party leader from Mars) have rejected the opportunity to support BC’s failing Liberal Party leader, in the current BC BC_Liberals_rejected_by_fed_Liberals-JT(250px)election campaign, which is going very badly for the BC Liberals and its leader, Christy Clark (ie., it’s failing).  This according to reports from Sun News.

From my own recorded clip from Sun News, here’s what he said (the written report at Sun News online cleaned-up his “uh”s):

“I will not be lending my support to any party we have an awful lot of work uh here, and I trust uh that the people of B.C., uh, to make, uh, make uh, their decision.”

Uh, yeeeeah. Too busy for that big endorsement, the rejection of which, uh, took longer than a five-second, uh, endorsement and “bonne chance!” would have, indicating, uh, Trudeau’s innate, uh, inherent, grip, uh, on the most important uh liberal skill, which is to, uh, BS the people because actually liberals don’t trust, uh the people, and liberals think the people are actually uh, too stupid, uh stupid to make “their decision” on, uh, any, thing.  Um, Duh.

Let me explain to the state-owned CBC, Global, or CTV news-watching Canadian: Liberals manifestly don’t trust the people of anywhere to make any of their own decisions on anything, including even how to spend their own money, tend to their own healthcare needs, or even raise their own children *cough* beer and popcorn *cough*. Governments must do things  —  including spending their money  —  for them. That’s a large and most fundamental part of what makes them the big-government, nanny-staters and progressives that they are.

Also, Justin Trudeau not supporting you is actually a bigBC_Liberals_rejected_by_fed_Liberals_JM(250px) plus. So it’s a bit of a two-fer from young Justin.

For her part, Joyce Murray said this:

“No I will not be involved in that, no I’m a uh, federal Liberal and uh so I have support on both sides of the uh, of the uh, divide in British Columbia.”

This is also a bit of a two-fer. It seems to be about her personally, as she indicates that she can’t support Clark because notwithstanding her very tight party affiliation, which extends so deep it’s the party which she wanted to lead, SHE (Murray) has support on “both sides.” But there’s also this “I have supporters on both sides of the divide” line. For those of you outside of BC, the “divide” is not really a “divide” at all  —  it’s more of a progressive morass, (with an emphasis on the more and ass). She means the socialist BC NDP on one side, and the not-quite-as-socialist BC Liberals on the other. That line says nearly all we need to know about Liberals federally, and their hidden agenda (well not so much “hidden” in Murray’s case, inasmuch as she tacitly embraced the idea) of eventually coalescing with their brethren in the federal socialist party and other progressives against the Conservatives.

(In case you’re wondering, as British Columbians and outsiders alike may be: the BC Conservatives are, even after all these years, out in the political wilderness, apparently incapable of launching a productive election campaign or becoming a relevant player in this election, despite this rare opportunity wherein BC voters lament both of the progressive choices of the left.)

This lack of federal Liberal embrace is not as shocking as you might think. As most right-thinking conservatives in BC know, Clark is a social and economic liberal, barely able to truthfully lay claim to the “free enterprise” bone fides which she nonetheless claims anyway. BC_Liberals_rejected_by_fed_Liberals(250px)And Clark is well-known to be a federal Liberal as well. So this lack of support from fellow progressives in Ottawa has to be at least a little embarrassing for her. But (air quotes) You know what? (air quotes off) She isn’t embarrassed.

“You know what I haven’t asked anyone… You know what I generally I think it’s important in British Columbia to make our own decisions aboat [yessir, she said ‘aboat’] this.”

“You know what” Christy Clark? You don’t know “aboat” that at all. The very next thing out of your word-hole was to boast “aboat” two other federal pols who did endorse you. So.

As I said, Clark fancifully paints herself as a coalition leader of free-enterprisers, confusing some low-information voters  —  like Justin Trudeau  —  into believing she really is about free enterprise, thus, apparently, disqualifying her from the loving embrace of the swells in his federal progressive smart-set.

But to those of us who, unlike Justin Trudeau, really understand, this is more of a long-standing, made-in-BC, Machiavellian ruse. It’s a line that we real conservatives lament every time we hear it, which turns to a scowl as we pay our car insurance to the state-owned, state-run car insurance politburo, review our losing lottery tickets purchased from the state-owned, state-run gambling monopoly, and enjoy a sip of our taxed-to-the-hilt scotch purchased from our state-owned, state-run liquor stores (made available to us after the state has chosen which scotch will be made available to us), as we sit under gaudy florescent white light coming out of government-mandated twisted idiot-bulbs, energized by power from the state-owned, state-run utility (etc…). BC Liberals are as liberal  —  not conservative  —  as can be, in almost every which way, on almost every issue. They’re progressives.  They should all just get a room  —  possibly a state room on one of the state-owned ferries.

In my quest for further amusement, I would also like to add to the confusion and note the slightly inappropriate backdrop to Clark’s big stump speech, in which she dismisses the need for hugs from her federal leaders on the left. It’s as if the NDP planted several fellas dressed in their famous NDP “orange wave” or “orange crush” (or whatever it was the news media advocated on their behalf) uniforms right there, just to show their love, and confuse the people in their decision-making even more.

BC_Liberals_backed_by_orange_wave     Dix_lawsign

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