Today’s Vancouver Sun is out. Oh my God. This is a lie.

The Vancouver Sun joined lots of news media on Thursday and played a dirty trick on its readers when the Mueller report came out.

They lied.

In the Sun’s case, they’re depicting the President saying “Oh my God this is terrible,” juxtaposed against the line that reads “Mueller report finally released” — and this is of course a lie. He did not say that when the Mueller report came out. In fact he said things that could be described as exactly the opposite of that. He was rather elated, for good reason. And, it would seem, the Sun does not want you to learn that. The truth. Instead, they peddle a lie. Reminder that this is a newspaper.

They’re trying to make you think, by skimming just that nefarious banner tease, that Trump uttered that remark in response to the findings of the Mueller report, released Thursday. The Sun appears to want you to believe the report laid out a damning criminal indictment of the President. Again, this is a lie.

They know, and you probably do too, that the President is reported to have said those words (“Oh my God. This is terrible”) in exasperation when he learned that special counsel Mueller had begun an investigation into Russian interference and “Russian collusion with Trump (etc).” And they know, and you probably do too, from a reading of the context, that the words were said in a manner of “damn, this is stupid because I didn’t collude with the Russians, and now this investigation is going to be a big huge bother and expense and a distraction for me and my presidency and the nation” (and other things which, for example, you might also say if it happened to you).

He did not mean, as you know, “oh boy, now they’re gonna find me out.” This is proven by the fact that Mr. Trump did not, in fact, “collude with the Russians,” as was shown in the exhaustive Mueller report.

And no, again, he did not say that upon the release of the report, which, if he did, would indicate to casual observers that he felt as though the findings were “terrible.”

It seems to me the Vancouver Sun would like to have you believe lies, even in the face of facts. Which is weird for a supposedly unbiased, supposedly serious newspaper.

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