The PTBC QUOTE OF THE WEEK AWARD - September 14 2007

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The Article

image  The highly ignored QUOTE OF THE WEEK AWARD this week goes to former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney for comments made during his speech today in front of business people in Ottawa, while on his Memoirs: 1939-1993 book tour. 

I was going to give it to him for this remark in which he recollected how things were when he took over from the Liberals: 


”…Once in office, we were confronted as you’ll remember with some intractable problems:  like the largest deficit in Canadian history, and a national debt that increased a THOUSAND percent in the previous 15 years.  Remember that —  a THOUSAND percent in 15 years.”

But I liked this bit better, in which he gives far too much credit to his former finance ministers Michael Wilson and Don Mazankowski.  Speaking of some of his government’s accomplishments: QUOTE OF THE WEEK AWARD


”…And of course the GST.  My mother always told me to be fair and to give people full credit, so let me say here today:  the GST was entirely Michael Wilson’s idea [audience laughter].  But I guess that doesn’t matter now, because didn’t Jean Chretien abolish that back in 1993?? [audience laughter]  Didn’t he run on the —I’m getting old now, but —didn’t he run on the slogan ‘I’m gonna Axe the Tax’?  [audience laughter]  Well in fact the GST remains.  And produced 33 billion dollars in income, and that’s the way along with the tremendous proceeds from the free trade agreement and some ongoing budgetary cuts, that the Liberals got rid of the federal deficit.  The truth is, Michael Wilson and Don Mazankowski planted the garden and Paul Martin got to pick the flowers.  Paul Martin doesn’t like that—to hear it—but what the hell—he can write his own memoirs.”  [audience laughter]

Soon after that remark, the CBC quit the coverage of the Brian Mulroney speech.  After all, there are far more important Hollywood liberals in Toronto at the liberal booster-fest that they call a film festival, advancing the liberal agenda with their important message-laden movies built on anti-Bush, anti-Iraq-war themes, and naturally the CBC’s favorite topic, promoting the gay industry agenda:

A CBC orgasmic Toronto Film Festival dream come true…

Which they covered today with a huge amount of taxpayer resources…






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