The state-owned CBC: they’re not like us.

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The Article

CBC-2014-10-06_163436(500px)[dropcap]L[/dropcap]ast week, the state-owned (and therefore backward, but we digress) CBC asked its notoriously far-left extremist viewers whether they supported the Harper administration’s plans to combat ISIS terrorists with our air power. Here’s how that went, left – by which we mean look at the graphic at left, in this case.

Now… you’ll just have to do as we did, overlook the technical errors in reporting, and accept it on faith that they simply transcribed the numbers wrong, and it is all backward. (Yes, their editor had just one job… etc.)  Also note that this isn’t the main point, just something we have to stumble through.

Their Yes with 1351 votes should be No, since 1351 is closer to 71% than 28%, which is closer to 455 votes.  So they got the Yes/No backward, the numbers backward, or the percentages backward.*

Here’s all we need to know:  71% of CBC viewers said no, they do not support the mission.

We can be sure of this correctness of this particular mop-up of their editing mess, because the CBC’s viewers consistently vote whatever the opposite of the Conservatives’ policy stand might be. For example today, they voted 84% NO on the question, “Do you think airstrikes will defeat ISIS?” (– which is itself a stupid, strawman question, since nobody is claiming that airstrikes alone will “defeat ISIS.” That’s not up for discussion in any realm).

OK so just shake it off and move onward – or backward – to the next, more salient, and backward, aspect of the CBC and its viewers, who aren’t like us:

Today the CBC ran a story about the national polling on the subject of air strikes. Here’s how that went, according to their own reporting:

Ipsos Reid poll for Global News on Sept. 30 and Oct. 1, found 64 per cent of Canadians were somewhat or strongly supportive of a Canadian participation that included air strikes…

That’s getting darn close to exactly the opposite of their own viewers. They also mentioned other polls, such as the Angus Reid poll, which closely reflected the Ipsos poll, above, which again is in direct opposition to CBC viewers.

They also allow this bit:

In the surveys by Abacus Data and Angus Reid Global, fewer Liberals and New Democrats opposed a combat role of some kind than those who were in favour of one. It suggests both Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau and NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair could find themselves offside with party supporters in their opposition to the mission.

Holy mis-read of Canada and Canadians. That article will leave a mark on the CBC’s (tiny) fan base. I detect a possible job opening at the state-owned media behemoth.

Between the state-owned CBC, Trudeau’s being out of sync with his own party, Mulcair’s similarly being out-of-sync with his party, and together their both being out of sync with Canadians; and then also add the CBC being out of sync with Canadians at large… well that’s a lot of wrong and out of touch and out of sync and backwardness, in one ugly package, for the so-called progressives.

But sticking with the CBC alone (although the question could and probably should be asked of those two left-wing leaders as well): how can we – or how can the CBC and its fan base – really claim that the CBC represents Canada or Canadians (arguably their very mandate), when their viewers are so consistently unlike -– virtually the opposite – of Canada and Canadians at large? We can’t. They can’t. Nobody can.

But wait — it’s the viewers who are backward and out of sync, you say. So what, we can’t blame the CBC for their viewers?

Let’s have a laugh and do as their side’s Justin Trudeau does, and seek to find “root causes.” Trudeau does this in lieu of thinking, or of admitting to the fallacy of his own liberal-left or PC “logic.”  We do it to hoist them by their own petard.  The CBC’s viewers are this way because the CBC is this way. The CBC has welcomed, and cultivated, and given a warm home – a gathering spot – to this out-of-sync, left-wing mob. Just read the often extremist, radical left-wing statements, and the sometimes disgusting smears against conservatives, which apparently pass for “reader comments” on almost any article, for proof of that. Or, for example, just watch the CBC, especially their “news.”

The fact is, state-owned, socialism-reliant, taxpayer-funded media is itself a backward concept in a free and freedom-seeking country, and that provides us with all the “root cause” we need to explain them and their viewers both now being so backward – so completely out of step with Canadians. They’re innately wrong. Inherently wrong. Systemically wrong. They’re all out of sync with Canada. They are not like us by nature or by nurture.

Not coincidentally, judging by their viewership numbers, most Canadians don’t like them either.

*Pull out a calculator and try to get the percentages that the CBC got, given the numbers they present (assuming the backwardness is merely a typo). It doesn’t work. It comes close, but doesn’t work. So what went wrong there is anyone’s guess. 

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