The Climate Is Gonna Explode Er Something!

Excellent piece by the always informative, though clearly not invited to the Liberal Party’s Climate Change Alarmism Coaching Seminars And Cocktail Soirées, Ross McKitrick. Here’s a snippet but read the whole thing — if you think the planet will last that long.

Ross McKitrick: Hold the panic: Canada just warmed 1.7 degrees and … thrived

…A few years ago, climatologist Lennart Bengtsson remarked “The warming we have had over the last 100 years is so small that if we didn’t have meteorologists and climatologists to measure it we wouldn’t have noticed it at all.”

And so we get reports with charts and graphs to tell us about the changes we didn’t notice. Remember last summer when the media hyped a report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change warning that warming 1.5 degrees Celsius (compared to preindustrial times) was a disaster threshold we must avoid crossing at all costs? Now we learn that Canada warmed 1.7 degrees Celsius since 1948. Far from leaving the country a smoking ruin, we got wealthier and healthier, our population soared, and life improved by almost any measure of welfare you can imagine. If only every so-called catastrophe was like this. …

Also see Terence Corcoran: “The Liberals manipulate a climate report to justify handouts to Loblaws.” It displays the Liberals’ (and their CBC and CTV division’s) utter contempt for Canadians and their intelligence. Oh yeah and also, I nearly forgot: it shows obvious collusion between the Liberals and their media. Snippet:

In a huge coincidence last week, Environment Minister Catherine McKenna leaked — to the CBC — her department’s latest official climate change report on the very same day her government’s new carbon-tax regime came into effect in four provinces.

The government-owned flagship news program, The National, sprang to attention. Host Rosemary Barton kicked off the Monday night show by cranking up the volume on “Canada’s Changing Climate Report” from Environment Canada scientists:

“Tonight a dire warning for Canada’s climate. The country is warming twice as fast as the rest of the world. According to virtually every climate scientist, climate change is already here. Temperatures have risen and are expected to keep rising with dramatic and increasingly disastrous impacts. And today we are learning that in Canada, that goes double. A government report from Environment and Climate Change Canada, years in the making, confirms that Canada is warming at twice the rate of the rest of the world. Far from being a safe haven, Canada has been directly in the climate crosshairs. And barring drastic global action, more is coming.” …

… The CBC then moved on to the official Liberal message: Bring on the desperately needed carbon tax! And — as we learned this week — bring on what promises to be a steady blizzard of climate announcements, like Monday’s news that the Loblaw grocery giant will receive a $12-million subsidy to retrofit its refrigeration systems and make them greener. …

For more on that, see my article about the $12 MILLION the Liberals paid to Loblaws to buy them off.


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