This is the glib, and clearly extreme leftist news media, the state owned CBC, in action, smack dab in the middle of their report on today’s election in the U.S..

Nearly three dozen Tea Party-backed Republicans were in competitive races Tuesday.  Democrats hope that the ultraconservative policies of many those candidates will prove too extreme for voters in the general election.

Read more, get stupid:…

… and then as if on cue — no hang on, exactly on their cue, the CBC’s readers, many of whom are clearly Marxists (on this point I’m not exaggerating — but I’m sure they’re “moderate” Marxists), begin calling tea party supporters “tea baggers” and “racists” and such “moderate” terms as “fascists” and such, and the CBC “moderators” (whom are ever so “ultramoderate” and not at all “extreme”), accept the comments as perfectly OK.

And here’s the graphical explanation in Wikipedia for “tea bagger” (click to see what is basically a porn drawing, depicting the act of “tea bagging” according to Wikipedia, as all the young ones will do when they read the CBC comments today at school):
NOTE: I was emailed by someone who suggested I remove the actual picture that I had originally copied here from Wikipedia.  I asked her if she also wrote an email to the CBC.  No, she didn’t.  Just to me.  But I removed the photo anyway.  Please click the link above to see what the kids will see.

I think this one sums up many of the CBC readers’ ever so “ultramoderate” tone, complete with the 100 “moderate” CBC comrades giving it the “thumbs-up”:


But it’s still early yet.  I haven’t even had my coffee yet.  We haven’t heard from the “moderate” CBC readers who constantly refer to all conservatives as “Nazis” and “Hitler” — in a “moderate” way of course.  I usually like to do that over coffee. 

While we’re waiting, here’s the state-owned CBC’s commenting advisory placed at the bottom of every news story in which they explain that they “moderate” every comment:

Keep yourself and more importantly, your families — especially if they’re young and not yet corrupted by the CBC and this idiot mentality —away from the state-owned CBC.  It’s a disgrace.


In contrast, the moderate by comparison private-sector competitor against the government-owned media, CTV, is reporting on the tea party movement this way:

The Tea Party, a grassroots conservative movement, has been a major part of that groundswell,  [CTV reporter Joy] Malbon said. Twenty-eight million Americans now affiliate themselves with the group despite the fact it has no manifesto and no central governing organization.

“These are people saying we’re mad as hell at Washington, we’re not going to take it anymore—no more taxes and we want smaller government. And this is really driving this energy, driving the Republicans and they’re fired up and they’re ready to go,” Malbon said.

State-owned media should be banned in this country,
and that notion enshrined in our constitution.

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