Things about this story that make me laugh and/or barf today:

•  The very idea that a state-owned, government-created and controlled creation, which relies on the kind of mindset that dictates government ownership of the means of production, but which doesn’t trust certain other branches of the same government which controls them.  You can’t make this stuff up.  (You can label it though:  it’s called socialism, and this provides further proof of its abject failure).

•  The part where they call it the “Canadian Broadcasting Corporation”.  Once again, it’s a “corporation”!  A 100% state-owned, taxpayer-funded behemoth created by government, enacted by government laws and dictates, protected by government laws, and whose board of directors and top executives are appointed by the government, is called a “corporation”.  My my.  That’s rich.  Sort of Soviet, but rich. 

•  The part where the CBC refers to protecting “sensitive news and programming information from “competitors”, whom, we should remember, don’t get in excess of $1.5 BILLION in taxpayer funding each and every year, so that they can “compete” against the state-owned media.  (Instead, they pay taxes to the government, to help defeat themselves.  That’s “competition”, to the far-left, communists, progressives as a general matter, and complete idiots.)

CBC to appeal document handover ruling

By QMI Agency


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