State-owned CBC: Ted Cruz was “yammering” and “rather bizarre.”

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The Article

Just wanted to bring you up-to-date on the CBC “News” channel (#502 on my dial): Ted_Cruz(smaller)They’re still arrogant, biased left-wing asses, who don’t tell you the whole story. So don’t bother to give it another try. Stick with Sun News Network and Fox News Channel.

I provide this service since according to the ratings, very few people watch CBC, and as far as I can tell from its extreme left-wing reader comments on its crappy state-owned web site, you’re probably one of the majority millions who don’t watch it. Don’t worry  — you’re better off. Watching it actually makes you dumber by the second. Luckily I’m immunized.

As everyone knows, Republican Senator Ted Cruz spoke in the Senate chamber about Obamacare last night, for 21 hours, truthfully, and therefore negatively.

As if I had to tell you, since Cruz is a conservative, the state-owned CBC therefore saw fit to describe Cruz’s effort to Canadians as… “rather bizarre” and “yammering.” The CBC wants you to know the objective facts!

They, like almost all liberal media (media to the right of CBC), also featured all of, and only, his brief arcane moments, in their so-called “highlights” reel of his 21-hour talk. This, instead of showing any of the approximately 20 hours and 57 minutes of strong, rational, calmly stated, reasonable, intelligent reasons why Obamacare is an abomination.

You know why they did this. They even know why they did this. They report what they want you to know, and in a way that suits their agenda.

I tweeted:

“Yammering” and “bizarre” wasn’t enough. As if to prove my oft-repeated point that liberals and other leftists always speak as though everybody in the room agrees with them (possibly because they hang out only with each other), the reporter then reported this gem of wisdom, because they’re concerned about the information for Canadians (!), at which I hit back:

That’s rich  —  the state-owned, socialism-reliant CBC calling anybody “extreme.” To the far, extreme-left CBC, which thinks socialism is simply the normal state of affairs, or the moderate position, or the norm, or the political center, any remotely conservative politician is “to the extreme right.”

I got very little push-back from the twerps. I did get some weak push-back from a former (losing) NDP (socialist) candidate named Peter Thurley. This one has swung at me before on Twitter, when I was attacking the state-owned broadcaster (which I am wont to do, to improve my country). He loves state-owned things:

I don’t know who “they” refers to, but anyway, I proceeded to help the socialist candidate out by defining the word “yammering” for him, since he apparently thought it was A-OK for the state-owned broadcaster to inform Canadians in the way they did  —  in fact he tacitly agreed with it with, “well they were”!

Note that it’s one thing for a plain citizen or a politician to accuse an opponent of being “bizarre” or of “yammering,” and that’s fair game. But quite another for a supposedly objective, state-owned, taxpayer-funded news media to do so. I would think that a Canadian parliamentary representative wannabe would recognize the value of fair, balanced, and objective journalism  —  especially from a state-owned broadcaster which taxpayers are funding. But apparently not.

And that mentality is what’s truly “bizarre.”

And then I tweeted out a few other examples of the CBC’s overt biases from my years of documenting them at, which seemed to silence Peter Thurley and everybody else. Granted, it is hard to argue with truth and facts, as Ted Cruz found out, so I don’t blame them for cowering.

…and I could have “yammered” on for a full 21 hours. In fact, I’ve “yammered” for many years about the state-owned CBC and its perfidy. And I’ve been accused of a lot worse than “yammering.”


The award goes to comedian Dennis Miller, who came up with this:


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