State-owned CBC calls a Chinese commie firm “state-owned.”


I know I’ve been over this before, but damn it, it makes me laugh every time. The state-owned CBC, which never calls itself the state-owned CBC even though it is 100% state-owned, often refer to communist country’s firms as “state-owned.” It’s as if they’re in denial, or above that sort of communist business model.

This article is one I parsed while researching about the latest scandal, this one involving Bombardier, and is from October 25, 2017:

…Bombardier’s most recent discussions about a Chinese tie-up centered on Comac, a Chinese state-owned firm developing passenger jets, according to a source familiar with the Canadian company’s thinking.

Then they get sort of gaslit by their own obfuscations, and next, say this:

Sources said Comac was also among the companies Bombardier held talks with in 2015, along with national aerospace conglomerate AVIC and possibly a state-owned investment fund.

The “state-owned investment fund” aside, “national aerospace conglomerate AVIC,” is what Wikipedia describes as such: “Aviation Industry Corporation of China is a Chinese state-owned aerospace and defence conglomerate.”

So I guess you could call the state-owned CBC, a “national TV and internet conglomerate” instead of state-owned.

Future generations will be confused when reading the state-owned CBC’s ramblings about communist country China’s, or any other socialist country’s, “state-owned” firms. Of course they may be confused because by then, all the firms are state-owned. On the brighter side, they might wonder what the hell a “state-owned” firm is, and who the hell ever allowed that kind if crap to be legal.

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