Socialist Joy McPhail sees no joy in Christian’s views

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It piqued my interest when I first heard it, but I couldn’t really understand what she was saying.  This, despite my fluency in English, socialist, and bullcrap.  So I went over it.  I’m still not really sure. But I’ll take a stab at it. 

image - socialist Joy MacPhail On the Mike Duffy Live liberal hour on liberalvision yesterday, for balance from the far left to counter the views of the liberals and plain leftists, host Duffy invited the former B.C. Minister of Finance, the socialist fundamentalist Joy MacPhail of the horribly but mercifully failed B.C. you’ve got to be kidding party. 

The first thing she was asked to do was to offer what Duffy apparently thinks is her wise counsel with regard to Bill C-10 —a Conservative bill which seeks to gain some control over current taxpayer funding of all those fabulous Canadian films that are so excellent they need government funding because nobody else on Earth will fund them.  Who better than a socialist who, with her husband, is in the Canadian film and gay television business (one of Joy and her husband’s company web sites, “” opens with a warning about —and I quote—“sexually-explicit visual images and language depicting Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual or Transgender erotica” that has to be read and agreed to before entering) to offer the correct point of view about Bill C-10 for us all? 

As I understand the argument from the liberal-left fundamentalists, everything—and certainly all films—should be funded by the government using cash taken from you which you might otherwise have spent on your family.  It’s part of the socialist, secular-progressive order of things!  Especially if the films are about lesbians, “Bush lied”, or young folks screwing in orgies.  It constitutes good learning, which will set you straight.  They know best.  Do not argue.  The debate is over.  They’re liberals.

Speaking of orgies, before MacPhail made her inspired comment we were treated to a discussion about Canadian taxpayer-funded films like a fabulous Canadian film called “Young People Fu**ing”.  (The actual title doesn’t have any of those stupid old-fashioned asterisks.  That’s just for us stuffy old neo-con prudes.  Vote liberal.) 

That previous segment was a spirited debate between Dr. Charles McVety, who leads the good Canada Family Action Coalition and is President of Canada Christian College; and the producer of that brilliant piece of Canadian “art” called “Young People Fu**ing”, which as I understand it from liberals, is a “Canadian Value”.  (I mean as long as they have a taxpayer-funded abortion afterwards). 

The film producer spent a good part of his split-screen on-air debate time with a smirk on his face, laughing at Dr. McVety while Dr. McVety spoke, and generally looking utterly dismissive and arrogant (as though everybody in the room agrees with him—demonstrably untrue); and I’m pretty sure he rolled his eyes approximately 80 times but without government funding I can’t be certain. 

Here’s the part of the subsequent exchange between Duffy and MacPhail that followed. It’s particularly near the end, where I bolded, which struck me as potentially troubling: 

Mike Duffy: Joy as Finance Minister I’m sure you had people button-holing you and saying why are we spending money on that –  whether that’s a movie, a sculpture, a painting or whatever? 

Joy MacPhail:  Well actually I was the Minister of Finance responsible for introducing the tax credit for film, the film industry here in British Columbia; secondly my husband’s a film producer so see I have experience on both sides of these issues, and frankly film tax credits work in this country, across the country, they are labor tax credits, it’s a wonderful industry for employing men and women, it’s a green industry and secondly I just don’t see how you can have anybody judge, uh, what’s a valuable movie, if you’re going to allow people like that last Minister, that Christian Minister— have his personal point of view on arts and culture [saying that last bit sneeringly, shaking her head left to right, and wagging her index finger]

The industry is, uh, knows its bounds and has never proven otherwise as far as I can tell!

Let’s review:  People like “that Christian Minister” shouldn’t have a voice?  Well then.  That sounds very tolerant.  And not at all anti-Christian.  I wonder how that socialist fundamentalist feels about Hindus.  And Atheists. 

Apparently we can’t have Christian ministers partaking in the judging of who should or should not get funding or tax credits because they wouldn’t approve films about teenagers fu**ing in orgies.  They’re in any case excluded from the debate itself.  See?  Now you’re thinkin’ like a liberal-left fundamentalist. 

Or I could be wrong.  Duffy never asked for an explanation.  Maybe he understood completely.  And agreed.  Don’t know.

We do know that most liberals—the entire secular-progressive fundamentalist community—are against any kind of accountability and responsible use of our taxpayer dollars of course, particularly when it comes to advancing their secular-progressive “values”—or shall we say the lack thereof.  For example they want to look after your children in nationalized daycare (and “early learning” —wink!) institutions. 

image - the fu--ing film's partial list of 'investors' Now mind you, only liberals appointed by liberals, and their various appointed clerics, could possibly be relied upon to exercise the right sort of judgment when it comes to you and your family’s cash.  Therefore it’s OK for the liberals to have all the liberals appointed by liberals at the state-run National Film Board or the state-run Telefilm divisions of the liberals’ mammoth government to be charged with the responsibility of deciding what taxpayer funds should go to the making of what left-wing film.  That’s just fine.  And naturally it’s just Jim Dandy that the various geniuses at the state-run CBC can decide on their own—without even Joy’s help which would in any case be utterly redundant—what news stories they won’t cover and what stories they will.  And how they cover them.  And what anti-conservative or anti-Christian or anti-capitalist documentaries or conservative browbeating “Passionate Eye” series to make, or how many times Michael Moore’s radical left-wing “documentaries” will be re-run over and over and over again on CBC Newsworld.  They decide that on their own, clearly without a bit of guidance from “that Christian Minister’s” side!  And the CBC bureaucrats will decide what web sites to advertise the CBC itself on (at taxpayer expense), and what web sites they won’t advertise on (like this one—not that I’d accept their ad if they offered).  No no they’re capable of all that.  It’s us normal citizens, Dr. McVety, me, and all conservatives, who shouldn’t have a say.  Fund everything.  It’s “progressive!  

Clearly MacPhail and the other members of her clergy are just fine with Telefilm and the National Film Board and CBC and all those film producers making decisions about our money because they are all in the big liberal bed together.  Fu**ing (if you’ll excuse the ever-so perfect metaphor). 

Folks like MacPhail don’t think that their far-leftist secular-progressive “personal point of view” on arts or culture or films, or TV shows or anything else influences any of their decisions.  Unlike McVety, they are above that.  Liberals (including the even further leftist clerics like MacPhail) blithely speak as though everyone in the room agrees with everything they’re saying.  Some leftists are so ensconced in and blinkered by their own leftist ideology that they no longer even know how liberal/leftist they are, and sound.  They just think they’re normal. 

MacPhail’s apparent angst over “that Christian Minister” (and others like him who we in the normal sensible set can credibly rely on for some moral guidance and leadership—or at least for an interesting and credible opinion) publicly expressing his opinion on things—particularly concerning matters of our nation’s moral conscience—is seemingly very disturbing to her, and counter to her secular-progressive and (based on this interview alone) her seemingly anti-Christian vision of Canada.  But whether she likes it or not and from what I can tell she hates it—Canada is a nation that is actually “founded on principles which recognize the superiority of God”.  It’s right in our Constitution.  So you’d think in a free country like Canada a man of God should at least be afforded the opportunity to offer an opinion, respectfully, about what films to publicly finance or about anything at all, without being publicly marginalized by a socialist minion on national television (particularly after he’s already left the building). 

So as I said, I’m not sure what MacPhail is saying.  Duffy naturally didn’t ask her to clarify it, choosing instead to laugh it all of like it’s all a bit of a joke.  Perhaps that’s a blessing for her and all of them, since more discussion and clarification of their positions might have turned out even more badly for them.  And that might be seen as counterproductive.


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