Shades of Media Obamatonism: Media lets Dion get away with BS phrase “Monumental Change”

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Just as they never demanded their messiah Barack Hussein Obama define “change” in anything but greasy and specious platitudes and bromides, they are happy to let/help the Liberal Frenchman get away with BS phraseology like “monumental change”, despite the apparent fact that the very future of Canada depends on this mysterious “monumental change” that they demand of Prime Minister Harper and Conservatives. 

That’s because they know what “monumental change” means.  It means Stephen Harper bending at the knee and ceding to their every wish and whim.  It means “changing” the government from Harper and the Conservatives, who were elected to be the government, to the Liberal Frenchman-led coup kooks cabal of socialists and separatists.  And that, without a bothersome election. 

Failed and voter-discredited Liberal “leader” and pretender to the role of Prime Minister he so desperately seeks, Stephane Dion, at the mic now, insists that he and his “coalition” of socialists, whom he insists on calling “progressives”, could only ever again work with Harper if Harper somehow engaged in a “monumental change”.  He said this over and over.  Asked multiple times what that meant, he BS’ed Canada, and then left in an evasive hurry.

Dion doesn’t care about “the economy”, or “the fiscal update”, or “the budget”, or “Canada” or “Canadians” as he overstates repeatedly —with the ghostly image in my mind of Canada-destroying and socialist Gilles Duceppe standing right over his left shoulder —or anything of the sort.  He cares about taking power for the “progressives”—the left— socialists and far-left extremists—of this country.

Here’s how it went, in a transcription I made from the news conference:

QUESTION (in French): If there are discussions with Mr. Harper isn’t that the end of the coalition? 

ANSWER:  No.  the coalition is dair and is vree amportant for Canadian [I’ll refrain from now on with my effort to replicate his ridiculously poor “English”].  We’re prepared to govern—we’re prepared to govern with a progressive government that will serve the interest of Canadians.  Without the coalition where would we be today?  Mr. Harper would continue to attack the rights of workers, the rights of women, and we wouldn’t have a recovery budget, we would not have that stimulus budget earlier so we need to maintain the coalition and we have an alternative government ready for Canadians. 

CTV asks QUESTION:  If all the economic measures you want are in the budget, will the coalition perhaps retreat from its plan to bring down the government or is this about replacing Stephen Harper no matter what?

ANSWER:  This is about replacing Stephen Harper unless he made “monumental change” but what he has done up to now [Yeah I know—what?].  The challenge is monumental for him. 

QUESTION: Even if he were to say I’ll be nice and I’ll deal with you? 

ANSWER:  No no no no as I’ve said in my declaration we don’t want anymore his words, I cannot believe it.  We need to see changes, and monumental changes

QUESTION (in French):  If his budget contains what you wanted, do you think you’ll able to work with together with him and support him if there’s a confidence vote?

ANSWER: Well it would have to be a monumental change

QUESTION: But what do you mean by a “monumental change”? No one understands what that means! 

“ANSWER”:  Well, we have an agreement—we said what we wanted in that agreement—we worked with Mr. Layton to improve it in consultation with Mr. Duceppe of course.  So we’ll continue to do our work, we have an alternative government for Canadians—a progressive government—based on prudent fiscality [?].  And Mr. Harper said that his plan was a fantasy [???].  And people have said that Mr. Harper’s plan is a fantasy and that all his figures were wrong [???].  So he has a lot of work still to do. 

QUESTION:  So there is nothing he can do then because you will not trust him no matter what he promises, right?

ANSWER: Well I want to see what he will do!  And it will be necessary to see very monumental change

QUESTION: One clarification:  You talk about a monumental change and you didn’t answer that question.  What does a monumental change mean for you?

“ANSWER”:  Well first of all it means a recovery plan—a “real” recovery plan.  His own main economic adviser said that plan was based on the wrong figures [???], that it would just prolong the problems in the economy [???], and that it was just a fantasy! [???]  So if his own advisers are asking for a real recovery plan that is effective for our economy as opposed to the kind of economic update we got, that cannot be the basis for a budget that will restore the government’s credibility and the confidence of members in the government. [???]

Clearly the reporters, despite letting him leave without getting an answer regarding the “monumental change”, were very curious about it.  But not CBC Newsworld anchor Nancy Wilson.  In her recap of the news conference, and before tossing it to correspondent Don Newman, she recapped that Dion said nothing could change this situation except a “monumental change”. 

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