Recht! Majority of German immigrants now vote politically Right. Canada, USA next?

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The Article

Funny how the tide turns. This headline has got to make liberals and leftists squirm.

Immigrants and Their Children
Shift Toward Center-Right in Germany

Majority of foreign-born Germans and offspring now support conservative parties, providing new pool of voters for Merkel’s party

Oh, daaang, liberals. Or as they say in Germany, ACHTUNG! Maybe all that fetishizing about open borders and endless quests to increasingly increase immigration ad infinitum isn’t the best idea to surreptitiously and permanently grow your voter base and create your permanent one-party electoral wins, after all.

Watch for lefties in Canada and the U.S. to start bemoaning immigration if this German phenomenon spreads.

Will Team Biden and Pelosi promise to build “a big, beautiful wall” at the southern border? They’d get Ann Coulter on board! Will they suddenly demand deportation of 11 to 20 million (nobody even knows) “illegal aliens” (their words, suddenly) living in America instead of awarding them all citizenship? I could see that!

Should we watch for Trudeau to breathily proclaim to reporters that “diversity is poop… because it’s 2021!”? Maybe in French! La diversité fait caca … parce que nous sommes en 2021! 

Would the increasingly even less appealing NDP finally and formally be relegated to The You’ve Got To Be Kidding Party that I’ve always called them? A fella can dream!

Can we also dream of a Conservative Party that suddenly acts center-right instead of like Liberal Party Too, to appeal to the immigrant vote (which is the new but erstwhile evil “right-wing” vote)? We just might!

Wall Street Journal reports this about the world’s second biggest destination for immigrants (my highlighting):

By Bojan Pancevski, WSJ
Feb. 9, 2021
BERLIN—Germans with foreign roots are increasingly voting for the center-right, providing a new pool of voters for the party of Chancellor Angela Merkel as the country’s social fabric becomes increasingly diverse and traditional political allegiances dissolve with integration.

This could have significant political implications for the country, which was home to the largest group of migrants in the world—13 million—in 2019, just behind the U.S., according to the United Nations. It also shows how decades of immigration into Europe has transformed the continent’s demographics and is reshaping politics in unexpected ways.

… “We are seeing a process of normalization,” said Viola Neu, the author of the study. As migrants become economically and culturally more integrated, get naturalized and gain the right to vote, they tend to shift support from the center-left to the center-right, she said.

More highlights from the article:

  • In Germany, 53% of Turkish-origin voters said they would support conservative parties in 2019, up sharply from 17% in 2015 and closer to the parties’ popularity among the broader electorate.
  • Migrant entrepreneurs, like the majority of entrepreneurs, want low taxes, while working people want to go up the social ladder and have less time for identity politics or progressive themes,” Ms. Güler said.
  • Srita Heide, an entrepreneur and CDU legislator in a district near Frankfurt, came to Germany from what was then Calcutta—now Kolkata—over 24 years ago … She was wooed by center-left parties but opted for the conservatives because, she says, she wasn’t driven by her identity as a migrant but by her values and political beliefs.
  • Joe Chialo, the CDU parliamentary candidate from Berlin’s Mitte district, a Green party stronghold… Mr. Chialo … who hails from Tanzania, was once a member of the Greens and shifted to the CDU five years ago.“I left the Greens because moralizing became more important [to them] than political action,” Mr. Chialo said. “As an entrepreneur, as a family man and as a man of faith I feel the CDU represents my values now.”

And if the left does start to speak of reducing immigration levels or speak of sane and reasonable levels of immigration, do we call them all racists? I think that sounds logical, I mean based only on their logic.

Remember, “we’re all immigrants.” So ackshully, we should all be voting center-right eventually. Unless we aren’t “all immigrants.”

It will be confusing.

UPDATE Feb 11, 2021, 0600:

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