Polls Says: Top Priority for Canadians is Reducing Immigration

Canada is a nation of deplorable racists, if I understand Justin Trudeau and the Liberals, as well as the extreme-left NDP, correctly. And I do.

Leger Poll conducted June 7 to June 10, 2019:

…please indicate your preference when it comes to overall direction. This is only to find out what the next Federal government should prioritize.

Come October 2019 you would prefer a Federal Government that will…

63% say:

“first prioritize limiting the number of immigrants we welcome to Canada each
year as we may be reaching our limit to integrate them in our communities.”

For Trudeau, the Liberals, and the NDP, as well as much of the media and academia in Canada: What we’ve got here is a massive failure on your part to understand Canada and Canadians.

For Canadians: ask yourself why they insist on imposing their view on us. And why you let them.

Joel Johannesen
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