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The Article

On September 11, 2007, I was sitting around minding my own business and quietly remembering the thousands who lost their lives six years earlier. It was a nice, peaceful morning until I received an email from someone claiming to be Professor Julio Pino of Kent State University. Pino is a Muslim extremist who advocates the mass murder of Jews while drawing a paycheck from the hard-working people of the great state of Ohio.

The most memorable portions of the disturbing email are reproduced below:

“O, Slaves of Zion and Amerika, Arise! The shaheed (martyr) who yearns to die, and has prayed for this moment all his life, has come to rescue you!”

“The martyr is performing an action that is the culmination of a whole life’s struggle, and in turn gives meaning to that life. Muslims venerate the Prophet Mohammed (Peace and Blessings of Allah Be Upon him) as al-kemal-al-insan (The Perfect Man).”

“The shaheed, May God Be Pleased with Him, is not only the perfect soldier, but the perfect Muslim. All of life is preparation, and striving for, martyrdom.”

“The intention for martyrdom is elevated to a higher status than the final act itself. A soldier walking, without shaking, into a field of fire courts death but does not desire it from birth.”

“(T)he Muslim knows no continents, regions, nations or tribes but acknowledges the existence of only two groups of human beings; men of faith—-his Brothers—-and the kaaffir (unbelievers and apostates), those ungrateful and rebellious beings that, like Satan himself, opted for disobedience. With the latter no compromise is possible or permissible, by Islamic principles.”

“The Muslim is commanded in the Quran to ‘fight oppression and overcome tribulation, until all religion is for Allah.’ This is the true meaning of jihad; daily struggle, in every manner prescribed by Allah and His Messenger.”

“Jihad is constant battle, in all places and at all times, with those forces, natural and supernatural, that would remove the Muslim from the sacred realm and into the profane. Dying on the battlefield or in any other way ordained by the kaaffir is a profane act unless death is dedicated to Allah.”

“The martyr has no time for peace; no time to be cynical, or pessimistic.”

“The Muslim world is poetic, and the greatest of all epics is martyrdom.“Laa ‘ilaaha ‘illallahu (There is none worthy of worship but Allah) must be on his dying lips that he may enter Paradise. Not by chance did Mohammed Atta’s ‘Instructions for the Final Night’ counsel him [sic] make these his last words before crashing into the World Trade Center. Amen.”

As soon as I read those words, I replied to the sender asking whether this was, in fact, Julio Assad Pino of Kent State University. I assumed that if it was a fraud, the author would fraudulently claim it was real. But, alas, there was no answer.

I then wrote to Julio Assad Pino to give him an opportunity to tell me whether it was a fraud. Again, there was no answer.

I then called Julio Pino’s office the next day to give him a chance to explain himself. Still, there was no answer.

Finally, I called and wrote the Provost at Kent State University asking him to shed some light on the situation. There was no return email, nor a return phone call.

For six months now I have been trying to get the FBI and the State of Ohio to focus on a man who has been definitively linked to website (now defunct), which called for the mass murder of Jews and American soldiers and, which also provided specific bomb-making instructions for those willing to perform the murders in the name of Islam – the world’s most violent religion. Since Julio Pino confessed his connection to the site, no one else has been linked to it and I predict that no one ever will.

As a result of a) incompetence, b) apathy, or c) both (on behalf of the FBI and the State of Ohio) Julio Assad Pino is feeling confident again. And, apparently, he now feels brave enough to send me messages on 911 saying that the attacks on New York and Washington were justified according to his religion of mass murder and racism.

Clearly, a strong response is warranted.

I would like to request (respectfully) that my four favorite radio talk show hosts – Neal Boortz, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, and Jim Quinn – take the time to read these excerpts on the air some time this afternoon.

We also need to pursue a formal investigation of Julio Pino and demand answers from his employers at Kent State. Towards that end, I urge you all to write to the traitor directly ([email protected]) before you write to his boss in the higher administration at Kent State ([email protected]).

If you aren’t satisfied with what you hear just write to me ([email protected]) at your earliest convenience. If I don’t answer immediately, I’m probably in the garage reloading. But I’ll get back to you faster than a Muslim extremist with tenure in Ohio.

Mike S. Adams
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