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The Article

Tenacity trumps capitulation in fight for world democracy

DENVER—Fabulously rich speechmaker Bill Clinton was uttering some balderdash last week as to how global warming is a bigger threat to humanity than world terrorism.

The man who does passable imitations of Elvis Presley did say global warming is a more “remote” threat than world terrorism, but suggested we should see it for what it is.

Well, just wait until some radical Islamic movement gets its hands on nuclear weapons—only a matter of time, unless we get really tough—and after New York, Washington or San Francisco is turned into radioactive rubble we’ll see which really is the biggest threat.

Global warming in those cities will not then be quite so remote.

No one will care about the pseudo-science aspect of climatic global warming then.

But Bill, one of the great womanizers of all time—has never really been up on world terrorism.

From the first Islamic attack on the World Trade Center in 1993 to the assault on the USS Cole and a half-dozen assaults on U.S. bases or embassies in between by Islamic radicals, Clinton just went breezily along.

He had other things on his mind.

And you can guess what those were.

And so, when 9/11 came along, the U.S. was almost totally unprepared for the attacks.

The Democrats, naturally, tried to lay the blame for 9/11 on President George W. Bush—charging he had been lackadaisical—yet Bush had been in office only a handful of months when 9/11 swept across our TV screens.

In actuality, Bush responded with alacrity to 9/11 and is still unrelenting in his fight against world terrorism, which the man with the loose zipper figures is an overblown scare compared to burning fossil fuels to run our cars and keep our homes warm.

Let’s just hope if Clinton’s long-suffering wife Hillary wins the Democratic presidential nomination, she doesn’t actually win the presidency.

If she did, Bill might be whispering calming words in her ear. Most of us understand Bill is fond of whispering in women’s ears.

Right now, though, suggest one achievement—aside from frolicking with a young tart name Monica Lewinsky—of Clintons during his eight-year term.

Just one.

If you can, call collect.

For instance, just days ago, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert was in Washington pleading for support for his nation. His visit follows many previous attempts by Israel during the Clinton administration to get the U.S. to safeguard that country from terrorist attacks.

Yet despite all of Clinton’s assurances the Israeli-Palestinian—and Arab—conflict would be solved, there was no progress whatsoever under his tenure.

A week before Clinton’s assessment that we worry too much about terrorist bombs exploding in London, Madrid and on the island of Bali or the cowardly attacks in Iraq on innocent civilians, two men who do know what the world situation is like were on stage together in Washington.

They were Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

For a half-hour, they spoke eloquently about world terrorism and the fight to bring democracy to Iraq.

Both were calm, but precise.

These men, the targets of the Lib-Left media, and maligned by political would-bes who are inferior in every way to Bush and Blair, have stuck it out together while other wavering ‘leaders’ have slowly strayed away.

They are steadfast individuals who will not be cowed into capitulation.

Both know—as do the Islamic terrorists and the sheiks of the Mideast dictatorships—that if democracy can be solidified in Iraq, there will be a domino effect that will sweep the region.

Hundreds of millions of men, women and children now living under serfdom in their oil rich dictatorships will rise up against their totalitarian masters.

It will be like the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe all over again.

Blair made another assessment to which we should all pay immediate attention: The United Nations needs “radical” reform.

Hardly an overstatement.

The UN is a corrupt outfit in several ways: Morally, financially and structurally.

Morally, you have a bunch of African and Mideastern totalitarian states holding sway over the western democracies.

That’s part of the structural corruption, too.

Financially, as we have seen in any number of recent scandals, the “hands in the pockets” by various officials make the scandals at Enron and Worldcom and the like look like childish misdemeanors.

The UN is, Blair declared, as out of touch with the realities of today’s world as the British welfare state of the early 1940s would be with the needs of 2006.

On so many issues, both Blair and Bush are perceptive.

As President Ronald Reagan, Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and Pope John Paul are carved in history as heroes who brought freedom and democracy to hundreds of millions, so will Bush and Blair.

There are two sides to choose from: Appeasement and capitulation to Islamic terrorism—and the sham of the UN—which in the end will mean the end of our civilization, or on the side of dedication and determination to do the right thing, which will take courage and tenacity, but which is the only way individuals with decency and vision can go.


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