Oh my God I’m in love

Twitter (Ugh) — Robert Fife at the Globe and Mail has tweeted a doozy, joined by his associate Mercedes Stephenson. Not only is this a beautiful thing for journalists to reveal — proving their credentials as actual journalists — but it reveals a corrupt and imperial Justin Trudeau and Liberal Party. And I do have other questions

According to these two, Global News and the Globe and Mail said no to the arrogant little prince who has literally no scruples, but what about liberalvision CTV and the state-owned CBC divisions of the Liberal Party? Did their journalists forgo their journalistic obligations in favor of bowing to his highness and enjoying a mutual face-licking?  Apparently. Why not tell us? Or are you now admittedly virtually in bed with the prince, bereft of any scruples, and so arrogant about your bias that you don’t even mind us knowing?

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