No Child Molester Left Behind

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The Article

Alan Colmes has changed a lot since the election of Barack Obama. To be specific, he’s gotten a lot dumber – so much so that I’m thinking about boycotting the “Hannity and the Other Guy” show that features him at 9 p.m. EST on Fox. Does anyone know if Keith Olberman has a show in that time slot?

Colmes, whom I’ve always admired and respected (really), gave a disappointing interview to a couple of young women who work for an organization I admire called Students for Life America, or SFLA. By calling them a “radical anti-choice organization,” Colmes was arrogant and disrespectful to the young ladies, one of whom is only a teenager.

Colmes, like other so-called liberals, doesn’t understand that the pro-life position is not “anti-choice.” By opposing one choice (the choice to abort) pro-lifers are supporting the over one-million choices the fetus is likely to make if it can escape the scalpel and suction tube – a symbol as sacred to the feminist as the hammer and sickle is to the communist.

Colmes rude mischaracterization of SFLA was bad. His effort to draw moral equivalence between a) one act of dishonesty by the pro-life organization towards Planned Parenthood and, b) a pattern of dishonesty by the latter organization was worse. That pattern of dishonesty regarding a willingness to report cases of statutory rape is one that fairly lands Planned Parenthood in the category of “radical anti-choice organizations.”

A student intern, who works for SFLA did, in fact, lie to a staffer at Planned Parenthood when she claimed to be a 15-year old seeking RU-486, the co-called morning after abortion pill. She also lied when she said that she had sex the night before with her mother’s live-in boyfriend whom she said was “30-something” years old.

In response to the SFLA sting, which was recorded on video camera, the staffer did express a concern over the fact that this sexual encounter was statutory rape. This was before agreeing to sell her birth control to help facilitate more rape.

The staffer was right to characterize the encounter as rape. In North Carolina, if one is under 16, one has been statutorily raped if her sex partner is at least four years older. The idea behind the law is simple: Children are not able to offer “consent” to sex with those much older. Beyond a certain age difference, it is safe to assume the presence of coercion and, therefore, to call it rape.

It may well be the case that Planned Parenthood staffers do not want to report statutory rape because they think a fifteen-year old is fully capable of consenting to sex.

After all, the organization’s fight against any form of parental notification hints that they think the age of consent should be lower.

But North Carolina does require Planned Parenthood to report cases of statutory rape, which it classifies as rape in the first-degree with a potential of life without parole. Though they said they did report the SFLA sting case, public records indicate Planned Parenthood did not. And that is more than a lie. It is an alliance with the child molester and against truly consensual sex, which is also called “choice.”

Alan Colmes idiotically accused the women of SFLA of conspiring to file a false report of rape. That is just silly. A report is something you file with the police. SFLA fabricated the story to Planned Parenthood precisely because they knew no report would be filed.

A woman’s act of falsely accusing a specific man of rape is certainly illegal. It may be a simple case of defamation or it may amount to malicious prosecution. But consistently not filing reports of known cases of statutory rape is also illegal. And Planned Parenthood knowingly lies about these illegal breaches of duty. Those are the lies Alan Colmes should care more about. He may have a teenaged daughter some day.

The saddest part of the SFLA sting is not that it distracted Planned Parenthood from doing its job as Alan Colmes suggested. After all, no one criticized the American troops for distracting the Nazis with false intelligence reports during World War II. Distracting people who are committing genocide is probably a good thing in the final analysis.

The sad thing is that SFLA is doing the job the police and FBI really should be doing. I know Alan Colmes would agree that it is the job of both local and federal agents to run stings on local offices of nationwide networks when there is credible evidence that they are engaging in complicity with statutory rape. If they fail the sting, the organization should have its federal funding withdrawn.

And, certainly, those running the rape stings cannot be held to the Colmesian requirement of revealing their true identity.

Mike S. Adams
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