New Angus Reid poll: more Canadians want long gun registry SCRAPPED than kept; AND the trend is up.

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Angus Reid Poll released today (PDF) —but not mentioned in the state-owned CBC news media, whose motto is, hideously, and deceptively, “Know more.  Know now,” even though the CBC does have a huge article at, evoking the name of their brethren at the extreme-left politics organization,  Their news story is headlined “‘Move on’ from gun registry: Liberals”, in which they tout and promote and repeat only the anti-gun Liberal-leftist MP Mark Holland’s angry anti-gun talking points about scrapping the registry.  No mention of the Angus Reid poll.  And nothing even from proponents of freedom.

What a jokeWHAT A JOKE.  False advertising? A lie?  Pure deception?  Who knows.  After scrapping the stupid freedom-sapping gun registry, we the people should also scrap the freedom and intelligence-sapping state-owned media.

Nor is it found in most any other of the liberal-left, ideological, agenda-pushing mainstream media in Canada.  For example, it’s not in the National Post.  And tomorrow is the vote in the House on scrapping the registry. 

The liberal-left, progressive-advocacy Canadian mainstream media is a disgrace. 

Not only do more Canadians want to scrap the stupid freedom-sapping and draconian measure which boosts the progressives’ government control fetish over the people, but even when it comes to handguns, Canadians are now evenly divided, according to the scientific study by Angus Reid.  That’s news!  So you’d think the news media would cover it.  It seems maybe Canadians are opening up their eyes and minds to the science which proves that more guns in the hands of innocent, law-abiding citizens doesn’t mean more crime —it means just the opposite.  The liberal media don’t want you to know that.

Scientific studies have proven beyond any shadow of doubt that states in the U.S. with conceal-carry laws (laws which allow citizens to carry handguns in their purses and such) have vastly better violent crime stats than those who don’t.  The science is settled.  The debate:  over.  (Does this sound familiar, liberals?  I’m so sorry.) 

AND NOT ONLY THAT:  When Canadians were asked if the long gun registry has been effective, a paltry 16% said it was.  Fully 69% said it has either been unsuccessful, or has had no effect on crime.  15% said they weren’t sure. 

AND NOT ONLY THAT: While nobody in the media talks about it, I looked at the last poll Angus Reid took in August, and the numbers for us freedom-loving Canadians have improved, even in that short time.  Compared to their previous survey — August 21 — the number of Canadians who support a ban on handguns fell by 4%, to just 44% of the country —less than half.  And the number of Canadians who think the long-gun registry should be scrapped has GROWN by 2% —just since last month!  Despite the liberal media push for keeping the control fetish alive.  Even last month, more Canadians thought it should be scrapped than those who supported keeping it. 

In other words, it has been scientifically proven that more Canadians agree with the Conservatives — more than with the even more progressive left-wing parties — the Liberals and the you’ve got to be kidding party.  And those parties are themselves divided over the issue, and are being either forced (Liberals) or “strongly encouraged” (NDP) to vote to keep the stupid long gun registry.  Imagine political party bosses forcing parliamentarians to vote a certain way.  And that way is against the will of we, the people. 

Progressives are all about the science.  So abide by the science, progressives.  Vote to scrap that freedom-sapping, progressives government control fetish long-gun registry.  Be on-side with Canada instead of projecting or dictating your ideology or progressive theology on the people. 

For a good analysis by an indisputably brilliant mind, read this three-part column by Thomas Sowell.  It will only take you about 15 minutes.  And note that these excellent articles were written back in 2002, and things have only improved since then:

Gun control myths: Part I

Gun control myths: Part II

Gun control myths: Part III

There are hundreds of other such columns and the scientific data supporting the scrapping of gun registries is overwhelming and easily accessible. 

Americans are turning against gun control laws

WIKIPEDIA — Support for gun control in America has been steadily dropping. Currently, the American public strongly opposes attempts to ban gun ownership, and is divided on attempts to limit gun ownership. A 2008 Gallup poll revealed that 28% of the population supported a total ban on handguns

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