My sexual harassment complaint

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The Article

Dear UNCW Human Resources Director:

After taking it easy on this beautiful Easter Sunday, I decided to check my university email account to see if there were any urgent messages. That was a big mistake. The following is a profanity-laced email I got from a UNCW student, under the subject line “My Vagina’s Very Mad at You”:

“From: Raab, Rebecca R.
Sent: Sat 3/26/2005 5:22 PM
To: Adams, Mike
Subject: My Vagina’s Very Mad at You

Dr. Dr. (sic) Adams

‘Vagina’ and ‘C***’ are just words. The purpose of the Vagina Monologues is to unite women in a society which, from your article is obviously still ‘male’ centered.  I can’t believe that you are a professor of criminal justice and you yourself can’t understand what the Vagina Monologues does for women, specifically women who have been victims of rape and other sexual violence.  It’s people like you who make it so hard for women to except their bodies.  The point of Eve Ensler’s book is to expose a subject that women have always had to cover up, our vaginas, our logos.  Vaginas are a place of pleasure and pain.  So many women hate their vaginas and ultimately themselves from experiences of rape and sexual violence. I read your article and was absolutely shocked.  Is this the first time you have heard of the VM?  I mean it has been around, around UNCW for that matter, for several years. We didn’t make this stuff up.  It was written by Eve Ensler!!! Read it before you start making accusations.  And for that matter, I’ll have you know that President Bush wasn’t even mentioned once during any of our meetings.  We don’t have a political agenda in presenting the VMs.  The only Bush discussed in this play were our own!!!  Also, people talk about men and their penises all the time.  Like when a man ‘thinks with his other head’ (I think you must because for someone with a PhD, you sure do have (sic) closed mind)

I would like you to know that I’m the girl who performed the ‘Vagina Workshop’. If you came to see it, I was the woman parading around in the Tutu.  You see, I’m proud to have been a part of this performance and what it does for women.  I’m not a bra burning, anti-Bush feminist. Actually I’m not even a Democrat. I support the President, (sic) I support my country totally for that matter.  What I don’t support is people who don’t support women. My vagina could care less about politics; all it wants is to not be raped and be treated kindly.  I know that you must know that 1 in 4 women will be victims of sexual violence.  Also, bringing religion into this is just so, so wrong.  If people are offended because of a word that explains a body part, that is their own problem.  I’m a Religion major and I have not once come across a passage in the Bible that states ‘Thou shalt not write or speak the words Vagina, P****, and C***!’  I think that Jesus would embrace a play whose purpose was to STOP VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN !!!!!!!!! Even if it does talk about SEX.

So, please try to embrace the VMs and not bash it.  It’s a good thing, its (sic) not anti-religious, anti-Bush, or anti-male, it’s just anti-rape and anti-hate.  As Eve Ensler states ‘Until the Violence Stops’

Rebecca Raab”

Naturally, I have a few questions for you, since you are the Human Resources Director. Here goes:

1. Would I be guilty of sexual harassment if I sent a message to a student with a subject line reading “My Penis is very mad at you?”

2. Would I be fired if I told a female student she thinks with her vagina?

3. Is it really acceptable for a student to send emails to a professor laced with the p-word and the c-word? Is anything off limits at this university? The f-word? The n-word?

4. Did Chancellor DePaolo’s decision to attend the Vagina Monologues send a bad message to our students? Did she legitimate this kind of behavior when she not only attended but was recognized at the event by the Vagina Warriors? Is there any link, here?

5. In her message, Rebecca equated her vagina with her self. Rather than saying “I am very mad” she said “My vagina is very mad.” Don’t rapists look at a woman and see a vagina, not a person? Isn’t Rebecca reinforcing the rapist’s view of a woman?

6. In 2001, a student accused me of libel for implying that her speech was “bigoted,” unintelligent,” and “immature.” Do you remember searching my email account because my “abusive” speech was sent via our campus email system? Well, I feel the same way about Rebecca’s speech. Will you punish me by reading my email again? or,

7. Will you charge Rebecca with sexual harassment so that men and women will be treated equally at UNCW? You do care about equality, don’t you?

I can’t wait to hear your response to this one. Happy Easter,

Mike S. Adams
Associate Professor

Mike S. Adams will speak at Bradley University on Wednesday, March 30th. For more information, go to

Mike Adams - Welcome to the Ivory Tower of Babel

?2005 Mike S. Adams – Mike Adams, PhD, is a criminology professor at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington and is a regular columnist for His column appears here at with Mike Adams’ express permission by special arrangement with him. Dr. Adams is available for speaking engagements.

Mike S. Adams
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