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The Article

In 2004, Elizabeth Ervin, then-Director of the UNC-Wilmington Women’s Resource Center (WRC) sent a mass email to some feminists participating in a discussion on a list serve at Dartmouth College. Under the subject line “I need some support!” she complained that a group of feminist speakers coming to give a talk during Women’s History Month (formerly known as “March”) had received death threats. She suggested I was responsible for the death threats. Ervin said:

“…I’m tired of having to pay so much attention to a guy who lies and distorts and smirks and issues anti-feminist fatwa!”

In response to her accusation that I had encouraged death threats, another feminist suggested that letters be sent directly to me showing support for the WRC. To this, Ervin responded with the following:

“I want there to be some negative consequence for him, but as long as he can turn everything into a column and stir up his readers (and let them do his dirty work for him), then I’m not sure there will be.”

Here, Ervin backs off her claim that I directly ordered the death threats. She instead suggested that I allowed them to be issued on my behalf. In other words, mine was a sin of omission, not commission.

Ervin’s defamatory accusations are simply ludicrous for several reasons:

1. Christians do not issue “fatwa.” Only members of the “religion of peace” issue “fatwa.”

2. I have not engaged in any act of violence since March of 1988. When assaulted, I simply took care of the situation myself without sending a mass email under the subject line “I need some support!” While I regret the physical injury suffered by my attacker, I could not prevent it because, at the time, I was a liberal and did not have a gun that would have sent him running before any altercation occurred.

3. It is unlikely that any death threat was ever issued in 2004 to any WRC speaker. I suspect that Ervin made up the entire incident in order to get attention and funding for the WRC. UNCW has suffered an epidemic of fake crime stories in recent years – fake burglaries, rapes, robberies, and assaults. Virtually all of them have been staged by women seeking attention. Many of these women believe that the ends (feminizing the campus) justify the means (lying about the persecution of women).

But fortunately for Ervin and her feminist support group I have done some research and I’ve have actually found a college professor who issued a real fatwa. Since a) the professor issued the fatwa against Marxists and, b) most feminists are Marxists, this should give the ladies on the Dartmouth College feminist list serve something productive to do – as opposed to falsely accusing non-violent Christians of issuing (or encouraging) death threats.

Read carefully the following excerpts of an email sent by Kent State professor Julio Pino to a Marxist list serve based in Utah:

Subject: A Fatwa on Louis
  From: Julio Pino: [email protected]
  Date: Thu, 14 Sep 2000 14:01:37 -0700

  Woe, excuse me homes, I didn’t realize that to post an opinion on the Marxism List one needed to print academic credentials first. But you asked for it. Should you want a complete record of my publications on Brazil, Marxist pedagogy, etc, I’ll supply that too.

  Julio Cesar PinoResearch ArticlesRefereed

  “Fernando Ortiz, Gilberto Freyre and the Myth of Mulataje.” The Cuba Project, Queen’s College and Graduate school, City University of New York, 2000.

  “Caribbean Culture Zones”. Encyclopedia of World Geography. 2000.

  “Fidel Castro.” Cuba. Edited by Louis A. Perez. The Oryx Press.2000.

  “Raúl Castro.” Cuba. Edited by Louis A. Perez. 2000.

  “Fidel Castro.” 20th-Century World Leaders.1999.

  “Fidel Castro.” The Sixties in America.1999.

  “Bay of Pigs Invasion.” Great Events from History: North American Series. 1997.

  “The Bay of Pigs Invasion Repulsed.” Censorship. 1997.…

  Ya, suficiente Mi Senor? I get paid to teach and write for a living. Get it?…

  Touche! That means my only recourse is to issue a fatwa: The Moderator of the “Marxism List” and all those who willingly help him conduct it are hereby sentenced to death. al-Asad Ibn Pino

It should be noted that Julio Pino uses several names on the internet when spreading his message of mass murder and violence. Among them are “Al-Assad Ibn Pino,” “Julio Assad Pino,” “Julio Cesar Pino,” and simply “Julio Pino.” Further note that the moderators of the aforementioned Marxist list serve chose to delete the last few characters of his Kent State email address, presumably for privacy reasons. I chose to undelete them because I am confident that [email protected] is the only email address registered to a “Julio Pino” beginning with the first five characters “jpino” used to author emails using more than one of the common internet names for Kent State’s Julio Pino.

If I am wrong, feel free to sue me for defamation, Julio. Your reputation is worthless.

It is probably about time for my readers to get back in touch with Kent State’s Provost ([email protected]) to see whether the university still defends Julio Pino and insists that he uses no university resources to advocate mass violence.

Hopefully, the ladies on the Dartmouth College feminist list serve will help me do my “dirty work” by joining in my mission of working against, not for, the issuance of death threats by university professors. I guess you could say “I need some support!” in fighting real, not manufactured, threats of violence.


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