More hate comments wishing for Dick Cheney’s death approved at state-owned CBC

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The Article

I just added a few more comments to my blog post from yesterday exemplifying the extremist left-wing hate found at the CBC web site. 

It should be all over the news.  I don’t just mean Dick Cheney’s recent check-in to the hospital for chest pains —I mean the story of the hate site,, and how a state-owned, taxpayer-paid entity can allow such a thing to occur.  And how as its overseers, the apparently flaccid Canadian citizens and moreover, the government in charge, can allow its own government division, the CBC division, which it owns and to whom the CBC directly reports, to turn into a hateful, divisive, politically extremist left-wing crap sandwich, all at taxpayer expense. 

A CBC hater wishes death on Cheney
— then 14 CBC pals give his comment the “thumbs-up”.


Canadians should demand the CBC be completely dismantled to save our country from utter shame and embarrassment, to say nothing of the fact that manifestly, state-owned news and entertainment media should be banned in any free country — and certainly in ours, where we already have viable citizen-owned options, against which the government tacitly competes —for profit, and for attention, and for advertisers, and in the forum of ideas, and notably the forum of political ideas.  It’s an absolute abomination of freedom and democracy.

Be sure you bookmark my whole category of CBC hate comments for future reference.  It includes the likes of “THIS IS WHAT YOU DESERVE” —a comment written in response to a news article about a Canadian soldier dying for our country in Afghanistan. 

I miss 99% of the hate—my efforts at documenting this extremist left-wing hate are limited by my time and money of course.  Note that these limitations don’t prevail at the CBC, with its apparently limitless taxpayer-paid resources, and whose lawyers once warned me, after threatening to sue me to kingdom come for posting videos critical of the CBC, that “we will be monitoring your site.”  This occurred in Canada —not Iran.


I’ve run internet blogs and discussion forums since they were invented.  The most basic tenet of any such site owner and administrator has always been to encourage at least a modicum of common human decency, and therefore, strictly forbid anybody from wishing death on anybody else.  It can be credibly argued that a site that allows that to happen on a regular basis, particularly when the hate, regularly expressed, is almost totally one-sided as it is at CBC, could be considered a hate site, an extremist site, and one which should be shunned by all of humanity.  That’s a fairly common notion amongst all site administrators who don’t run hate sites. 

The state-owned CBC web site is one of the most vile, hateful, divisive, and most left-wing and anti-conservative web sites that I regularly look at in North America.  I would avoid that site if I didn’t adopt it as a duty of mine to report on its extremism and left-wing political bent for a web site called “ProudToBeCanadian”. 

What kind of government would allow this to happen?  And allow this to happen at a cost to taxpayers — of in excess of a BILLION of our own taxpayer dollars per year, plus the literally unknown hundreds of millions in additional subsidies every year to secure all manner of left-wing content from nearly uniformly left-wing “artists” and far-left “documentarians” like Michael Moore, and other such left-wing claptrap resources.  And allow it to employ almost exclusively left-wing and far-left opinion columnists?  And then ensure that the CBC then benefits from myriad government protective regulations and laws and mandates to ensure all Canadians get its content?  What kind of a government allows that?

This is Hugo Chavez-style, banana republic BS.

The CBC makes me utterly ashamed to be a Canadian.


Better yet, since even the Conservative Party fully supports the CBC and won’t stop reminding us of that fact, thus further legitimizing it and all that it stands for, mobilize and get active in politics in your own neighborhoods and communities, and get personally involved in the Conservative Party itself —and make it respond to the your values — values of actual conservatives —traditional, sane, freedom-loving Canadians.

Joel Johannesen
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Joel Johannesen
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Latest posts by Joel Johannesen (see all)

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