State-run CBC’s state-funded comedy show Little Mosque on the Prairie was raised on Fox News Channel’s O’Reilly Factor Wednesday night by Bill O’Reilly, along with correspondent Juliet Huddy — who said the show did a nice enough job satirizing the situation.  I mean the situation in which there is a mosque on the prairie —not the situation in which a free country’s government owns and runs a state media outfit providing comedy shows to a small cabal of people who watch their stuff, as if providing comedy shows and TV stations were a core function of a free country’s government.  I mean there’s actually a lot to mock, here, in this situation, but they stayed with the little mosque angle.

They played a clip.  Here’s a screen capture:

Laughably, clearly not understanding CBC, the nation’s state-owned media, Juliet Huddy told Bill O’Reilly “It must be good because it’s been on for five seasons in Canada!” 

So that was funny.

Bill asked if there was a “Theo” Mohammad on the show.  Ore a “Rudy” Mohammad.  No, answered Juliet, getting that joke.


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