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Rush Limbaugh radio availablity ad (short_version)
Rush Limbaugh: 9AM Pacific; 12 noon Eastern)   

On that same link, you can hear Sean Hannity at 12noon Pacific (3PM Eastern), and Mark Levin at 5PM Pacific (8PM Eastern), and Herman Cain at 8 Pacific (11 Eastern) .

As Canadians know, nearly all of Canada’s media companies are owned and run by liberals who are so liberal they don’t even know how liberal they are; or by partisan, weak-kneed liberals/progressives, who know full-well how liberal they are and live to pander to the liberal-left’s political correctness, calls of racism and sexism and Islamophobia and anti-gay (etc) against everyone else. In all  cases, they’re just too chicken or biased to broadcast Rush Limbaugh’s syndicated radio show, anywhere in Canada.

I cannot explain, and nor can they, how this fits into their grand liberal “diversity” strategy. Actually, I can. It proves that they — the left — are liars.

This is just as Canada’s liberal print media have all been too afraid to present Ann Coulter’s (diverse!) opinion column. was, for nine years, the only web site in Canada — and as far as we know, the only media in Canada period — that has had the guts to buy Coulter’s weekly column and present it to Canadians every week.

Fans can also subscribe to and watch the broadcast live in streaming video.