Liberalvision CTV “News” media *VERY CONCERNED* about foreign donations to truckers

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I don’t recall anybody in the “news” media ever raising any concern whatsoever about any money ever raised in favor of the countless pipeline protesters, indigenous protesters, forestry protesters, climate protesters, peace protesters, mining protesters, BLM protesters, at all. Maybe they did and I missed it, but it certainly wasn’t the issue they’re making of the truckers’ donations. For this they are *Extremely Concerned.*

What I do remember over the past few years is that one very brave independent citizen, Vivian Krause, did look into as much f it as she could, without their help, and uncovered literally hundreds of millions if not billions coming into Canada for Canadian left-wing-oriented movements, from leftists in the USA. And when she had done a huge amount of uncovering it all, the “news” media looked into… HER.

This CTV “reporter” Jon Woodward seems proud of the yummy work he and his team are doing  — not for regular Canadians like Vivian Krause has done — but for those in power: Canada’s Team Progressive and their leader Justin Trudeau. Which is sort of the opposite of what journalists are supposed to do. “We at CTVNews continue to follow the money…” — as if this trucker convoy and foreign donations are suddenly evil, and we should all be alarmed about it. And as if Vivian Krause’s prior work didn’t happen (and doesn’t continue to happen every day including this day, uncovering foreign cash donations hidden and buried under myriad names and anonymous shields).

Well here’s a thing: Want to follow this freakin money, CTV. Or nah?:

I doubt the intrepid “reporters” at CTV “News” will follow that money. What we might better expect them to do is the exact opposite of that. They might explain it all away. Whitewash it. Excuse it. Cover for the Liberal government mess. They’ll do what they always do: they’ll refer to the Liberal government as “Ottawa” in all their stories, never once saying the word “Liberal.” They will question the Conservatives on “what they knew, and when they knew it” however.  So I’ll follow up on it as best I can, but I’m only one man, without any taxpayer funding.

When one Twitter user responded to that idiotic CTV boast tweet, asking the “reporter” when CTV “News” was going to look into foreign funding for all those myriad other movements (and let’s make no mistake: they’re all left-wing oriented), the “reporter” smugly replied with snark, pointing to… a CTV story on how the inquiry into Alberta anti-oilsands campaign donations from foreigners (which relied heavily on Vivian Krause’s work) was all totally above board. He actually thought this was an answer. See, we do cover the other foreign funding stories! When they turn out in our favor! (And this is another one where Vivian Krouse was slammed by the “news” media because she helped work on uncovering the funding).

When another rogue racist misogynist Nazi-flag-waver unacceptable Canadian asked about all that BLM funding (there were countless tens of millions of dollars — literally countless because nobody cares to look into it) and all the ongoing climate change funding and so on, the “reporter” replied by pointing to… the same story on the Alberta inquiry into funding, saying “Yes, this has been covered a lot.” In other words, he had no story to point to, so he tried to fake out the citizen with smug, sneering, BS. It’s just hideous.

When “Dave” pressed him on that BS non-answer, CTV “reporter” Jon Woodward replied by pointing right back to his previous answer, which Dave had just pressed him on. Jon Woodward sounds like he went to the Justin Trudeau school of evasion. He sounds exactly like Justin Trudeau or one of his minions answering questions in Question Period!

Anyway, others then chimed in and seemed to be laughing at the reporter. Laughing or crying — I don’t really know. But tell me Canadians haven’t totally lost trust in this “news” media BS:

One guy had a good reply to the CTV “News” tweet. A reply to end all replies. A reply which I noticed the “reporter” didn’t smugly respond to, because how could he?:

I’d support a new convoy — this one against the lying one-sided “news” media and its overt left-wing propaganda which really just works to support progressives — in government and outside of government. They’re wrecking the place.

Joel Johannesen
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