Liberals urge more “competition”? Give me a large personal break.

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The Article

Headline in news:
“Liberals urge more internet, cellphone competition”
Liberals urge that?  Oh sure they do.  These are the same people who created the CRTC and the state-owned CBC.  And a state-owned Air Canada.  And a state-owned Petro Canada.  And a state-owned Via Rail.  And a state-owned isotope maker.  And our North Korean-style socialized “health care” system.  (I could fill a half a page here if I added liberals’ control within provincial jurisdictions…)

So let me glance into my crystal ball:  they will eventually demand a “public option” for cellphone and internet services, like their sacred CBC offers a “public option” — or “offering Canadians a choice” as their taxpayer-paid advertising actually, ludicrously, insultingly, states (seriously!), to compete against that government-owned media division’s competitive enemy:  the Canadian private citizen and their investments in media like CTV and Global and the many independents (until they go bankrupt or more wisely simply leave the “market”, of course).  Or like “Obamacare” down south and that massive “investment” of the taxpayer’s dollars, to provide an “option” to Americans which competes against the options offered by the free market/citizen enemy. 

The benevolent Liberals, through their enormous and what they demand to be ever more enormous governments, would love to “compete” against the free-market in Canada for internet and cellphone business, just as they do in news and entertainment media, retailing beer, wine and rum, train travel, ferry travel, car insurance (with optional towing package!), nuclear energy and isotopes, child daycare (and “early learning”  —wink!), electrical power generation, lottery ticket sales and gambling generally, steel manufacturing, city transit, letter and package delivery service, health care, satellite radio (hello again CBC and Sirius!), education, pension investments, telephone service (!),  and now even automobile manufacturing,

That “headline in news” headline courtesy of the state-owned, socialism-reliant CBC, a creation of socialists in the Liberal Party, who still view it as a sacred icon of their Fabian socialism, and which would never part with it come hell or high water, because they wholly believe the state should effectively “compete” against its own citizens. 

Vote liberal: Get more “competition”? 

Get real.

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