Liberals helped China measure the drapes in Canada.

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The Article

After all the obvious lying and obfuscating on the thick and growing thicker Chinese Communist infiltration into Canada file — behavior that even liberals and Liberals and socialists and sundry other progressives acknowledge is beyond the pale (“appalling” is the word used by former Liberal Minister and former Liberal devotee extraordinaire Catherine McKenna in a tweet thread) — there is now something beyond a need to merely “come clean,” and admit they lied.

I really have no doubt this occurred for three reasons:

1. Trudeau “admires China’s basic dictatorship” (his words, not mine), and it was no slip of the tongue. The Liberals have a real affinity for that authoritarian, totalitarian communist regime, as most progressives seem to.

2. Trudeau and the Liberals saw that China was helping the Liberals win elections while also actively hindering the Conservatives from winning. So they zipped their mouths shut. Treasonous? Sure. But they won! Three times!

3. The China wolf in sheep’s clothing suckered them. They didn’t see it coming because they were, to coin a phrase, blinded by their love of the regime. And so when it started creeping out of control, quickly, they kept it all quiet, even at the risk of Canadians here and abroad, and even at the risk of the sovereignty and democracy and ultimately the existence of Canada itself. Their own political fortunes were put ahead of all of that. This was greed and the insatiable quest for power over us —on steroids. They thought they could contain it and then reverse China’s course before it all got out of hand and made public. They failed, obviously. It is practically out of control now. They are inept and should never have thought they could control it. The inept never think they’re inept. They’re too inept to know.

The Liberals f*cked around and found out.

They say that often the coverup is worse than the crime, but usually, the coverup just, well, covers it up! It doesn’t make the thing they’re covering up worse, usually. In this case, it did make it exponentially worse. And it made it even more unmanageable for all of us, because China saw that we were weak or unwilling to stop it, so it pressed on and advanced its operations at will.

We now have a Communist superpower seemingly bent on forcing Canada to be under its Communist influence to one extent or another (no extent is acceptable, clearly —to me anyway), which is literally an existential threat to our people, democracy, and our very survival as an independent nation; and we have a government literally bent on doing next to nothing meaningful against it. It’s like they can’t decide if it’s worth it. “It” being Canada.

They should of course come clean and admit they lied, for a start. But the situation is now beyond a mere lie. It’s a national crisis and a day of reckoning.

It is clear to me that they have displayed a real, utter disrespect for us as individuals and as a nation. All of us. This disrespect has not been equally applied though — suddenly there is no need for their yummy “equity” in this one instance — they gave an extra dose of disdain and an outright back-of-the-hand snub to the Conservatives and Michael Chong in particular.

So they need to express regret for their multiple levels of disrespect.

When you allow things — and it’s unquestionable that they did just that: allowed it — to progress right up to the point where Conservative MP Michael Chong’s life is literally at risk, as well as that of his family both here and abroad; and the very sovereignty of our country and our democracy is also absolutely put at stake; and when in fact you allow that point to pass as they now have, and literally try to bury it so nobody sees it, then a mere apology doesn’t cut it.

They need to admit that they were and are dishonest, incompetent, and that they put Canadians’ lives at risk for their own political and self-interests.

They knew and know right now that the real crisis for the past many years was not “systemic racism,” or “climate change emergencies,” or “misinformation” on Twitter or “right-wing extremism,” or “black lives matter,” or fake Indian school “graves” — it was the spiraling China threat. And is was their failure to recognize the threat, and when they did, to cover it up because it was actually, they thought in their utter naivete, that it was simply helping them win elections. They failed to see how it would become a serious threat to the entire nation.

They need to apologize for being so stupidly naive. And for being so unCanadian. And for lying about those other fake threats.

The China threat has been and is and will be for some time the only real crisis, emergency, and indeed, existential threat to our country that needs urgent action.

And this is on them — the Liberals. It’s really all on them.

The China threat has been on the radar since well before Justin Trudeau started kowtowing to his beloved China. The Steven Harper Conservatives (and those before him) also sought to advance trade and business with China. But as even the most ardent leftist commentators agree, and as all reasonable and honest people would acknowledge, it was a different time then. There had been some warning signs over the years, and I raised them along with others. But there was no emergent threat or at least none so pronounced as it became in, say, the 2015 election and beyond, and up to this day. Nobody knew of or even sensed a threat of the Chinese Communists infiltrating our economy, our institutions, our elections, and the very fabric of our society, and literally threatening individuals, back then.

So I will grant you it was unwittingly nurtured well before Justin Trudeau and his ultra-naive troupe but no, this really is a fairly recent phenomenon that grew quickly out of control at the Liberals’ hand, and for the reasons I outlined. In the face of a growing knowledge of impending danger, the Liberals nurtured the hell out of it. They literally glommed onto China, tacitly admitting that they saw it as a replacement for the USA. Hideous but true.

They need to own it and take responsibility for these grave errors of judgment which have put our country at grave risk.

And then they need to sit in the opposition for a good long time and ruminate about their very premises — as individuals, and as a political party.

Politicians lie all the time. Awful but true.

We as voters have accepted this over the years, which is why Trudeau and his party can so glibly and frequently lie.

That’s on us as much as him and them.

But there’s lying, and then there’s literally putting at risk the very sovereignty and democracy of the country, and the personal safety of Canadians. It’s their first job as political leaders of the country to provide for the safety of Canadians and of the nation. They failed badly. Half on purpose.

I can’t — don’t want to — believe that Canadians accept that, too.

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