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The Article

Brace yourselves, readers, because it’s not over yet. This year has been Misogyny Mania for liberals who claim to be “pro-woman.”

First there was the character assassination of Miss California Carrie Prejean, in which liberals thought a deft response to her anti-gay marriage comments was to call her a slut. By saying that marriage should be between a man and a woman, Prejean did nothing more than restate the official position of Barack Obama, Joe Biden, John Kerry, Bill Clinton—and every other male politician liberals adore. There’s no doubt that Prejean’s femininity determined how the media treated her. As Miss USA owner Donald Trump said, “If her beauty wasn’t so great, nobody really would have cared.”

That’s how liberal woman-haters think. Male politicians are allowed to have opinions; young beauty pageant contestants aren’t. Even editor Jessica Valenti acknowledged that they were “fighting homophobia with misogyny.”

Then, last week, the pigs at Playboy magazine published a list of ten conservative women they’d like to “hate f-ck,” because “we may despise everything these women represent, but goddammit they’re hot.”

A “hate f-ck” sounds like rape to me, which I assume was Playboy’s point. The list was filled with leering observations about the women’s “tight bodies” and “saucy looks,” and concluded with each woman’s “hate f-ck rating.”


This is coming from a magazine that claims to respect women. In 2005, Hugh Hefner’s daughter Christie told feminist author Ariel Levy that Playboy works to promote “sexual liberation” for its models, and Hugh himself has declared that women were the main beneficiaries of the sexual revolution. The Playboy Foundation is a major supporter of reproductive rights and other progressive causes.

So Playboy is obviously a cheerleader for gender equality—as long as you’re a naked sex object who needs an abortion. Just don’t express any opinions. Then liberals will openly discuss their desire to put you back in your place with a violent sexual encounter.

It’s no surprise that Michelle Malkin was number one on Playboy’s gross list. Malkin enrages racist liberal woman-haters because she doesn’t conform to their porno fantasies of a passive, compliant Asian woman. As she discussed at length in her 2005 book Unhinged, she is often subjected to racialized sexual denigration from liberals who call her a “mail-order bride” and a “whore” for the Republican Party. Every time Malkin opens her mouth, you can practically see their jaws drop: Who does this little Asian woman think she is? (Playboy referred to her as a “highly f-ckable Filipina.”)

It doesn’t matter whether they’re forbidding Carrie Prejean to say things Joe Biden is allowed to say or fantasizing about raping overly opinionated conservatives. Sexist liberals have always been open about their desire to prevent women from talking. Two years ago, some slobbering loser responded to one of my Townhall columns by writing, “I don’t know Ashley Herzog. Never heard of her before today. I would, however, go so far to say that I would date her if she promised not to say anything.”

Nice work. Especially from people who are constantly screaming about the right’s “war on women.”

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