Leftists’ survey: Canadians $upport the CBC “investment”. Honest. We’re your pals.

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Copyright 2008 Joel Johannesen --- Neither the CBC nor the 'Friends of CDN Broadcasting' may steal it!  The Canadian media’s oh so totally “non-partisan” (in Canada that sometimes means far-left partisan) “friends” of state-owned, state-run media, the CBC-luvin’ “Friends of Canadian Broadcasting” (and pals of state media and socialism, apparently),  somehow found the cash from someplace to commission a poll of Canadians, right before an election no less, and found that the vast majority of Canadians favor the continued—or even increased state-funding (socialist code for government spending and social engineering) of the state-run media in Canada, the fabulous CBC.  Even “Conservatives” agree, we’re informed by the CBC buddies. 

Of course, because the pals are such intellectually honest “friends” of you and me and all of Canada, and they’re looking out for you, me, and nobody else, the question the “Friends” asked epitomized that very intellectual honesty.  They couched the question in the survey as a question of just how cheap it is to “invest” (again: socialist code for government spending and social engineering) in the CBC.

Actual question: 

“As you may know, the government of Canada invests about $1.1 billion in the CBC a year, approximately $33.00 for every Canadian. Do you think this is a good use of taxpayers’ dollars or a bad use of taxpayers’ dollars?”

Well that’s just awesome.  All Canadians including babies and 4-year-olds, can spot the gov $33 —any day!  (all the markets “hemorrhaging” and our economy “collapsing”, notwithstanding…).

They’ll use this as “proof” from now on, and every liberal media outlet in the country will advance this intellectual honesty as scientific proof, forever more. 

Ottawa Citizen:
…Nationwide, about 76 per cent of the 1,201 respondents said they either supported CBC’s current funding levels (52 per cent) or favoured an increase (24 per cent). About 14 per cent said they favoured cutting the CBC’s budget. Of those who identified themselves as Conservatives, 68 per cent said they favoured either the funding status quo or an increase. The poll has a 2.8-percentage-point margin of error 19 times out of 20…

See?  Even “Conservatives” agree.  Just $33 buck a year for this “investment”?  Spend more!  Tax us, baby! Grow the government!  State media foreva!  We’re “Conservatives”!  

Yes, this crap sandwich takes the place of the more intellectually honest, salient, vital question as to the very principle of a free country —which STILL has lots of willing and able and enterprising participants— even having a state-owned, state-run, and clearly far-left-wing taxpayer-funded media which hardly anybody watches.  And questions about a government which essentially competes against its own citizens for profit and in the forum of ideas—political ideas—and media messaging—and which advocates far-left “progressive” ideology all day long through multiple media channels which by state law, cable providers MUST provide (by law!);  and a situation which forces citizens and their enterprises (or blogs like PTBC) to compete against their own government and fellow taxpayers through the state’s non-market policy and practically unlimited taxpayer-funding, and free, legally mandated exposure of their media. 

So it’s a “scientific consensus”.  The “debate is over”.  Vote liberal. 

Left-wing ideological “non-partisanship” of the “Friends” aside, I actually can’t help but think the numbers are spot on.  Nanos Research did the survey, and they are a very credible and reliable outfit, even if Nick Nanos is engaged by the CBC itself to provide his personal written commentary on various matters, along with some other folks, on the CBC’s CBC.ca far-left web site.  I’m not sure if Nanos is being paid for this service to the nation or not, by the CBC.  But his name and likeness appears on that site, along with a blurb about his company and a helpful link to his company’s web site.  So that’s friendly. 

In the meantime, I just have to congratulate the “Friends”, the friends of the “Friends” in the media (see the article at Ottawa Citizen—it finds opinions from roughly 8,000 “friends” but not one single person in the country could be located who takes an opposing point of view like mine; no, not one), and liberals and leftists generally, for their near total success in pulling the Fabian socialist wool over Canadians’ eyes, such that so many of them are now fully in their blinkered gang of “friends”. 

The messaging works!

Vote liberal.

Oh and while you don’t really have a consumer choice re the CBC, please make sure you voluntarily fund the “Friends of Canadian Broadcasting”, a non-profit, “non-partisan” but nonetheless an advocacy outfit which happens to seem to utterly despise Harper and Conservatives… and don’t bother funding this PTBC web site.  Like I had to tell ya!  It’s the Canadian way. 

See ya, friends!


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