Large small town Fryer talks “buffoon”. And “European”.

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Luckily I’m multilingual and I can speak socialist and buffoon

A citizen from the far-left coast, John Fryer, listing his apparently “dual” citizenship on his web page as “Citizenship: Canadian and European”, has taken exception to remarks made by a Conservative MP, Nanaimo-Alberni MP James Lunney.

image - devotion to Canada remains mixed Speaking for himself and many of his constituents, no doubt, because that’s his job, the MP Lunney said that he hopes Morgentaler lives long enough to see his Order of Canada award revoked.  So do I.  So do millions of sensible people like me who care about life. It’s why we’re called “pro-life”. We love life and think everybody has a right to it.  Including Morgentaler and all the pre-born babies he operated on for “health” reasons. 

Fryer, the self-appointed town crier and know-it-all arbiter of what’s right and wrong, thought Lunney’s remark was, and I quote, “vicious”. 

Yes.  It’s “vicious” in much the same way as, say, allowing the life of a human baby to proceed as normal in the womb without it being interrupted by getting its head crushed and then being sucked out of the womb in an abortion mill, and then being thrown into the garbage.  So it is established that Fryer is a buffoon. 

Fryer apparently called up his ever so un-vicious and moderate allies at the local liberal-left-luvin’ newspaper, the famous Parksville Qualicum Beach News, and voiced his grave concerns about all the “vicious”.  Coinkydink alert:  Fryer is running against Lunney in the next election for the hideous Green Party. 

Dutifully, the paper ran with the big story, declaring—in no uncertain terms—in their headline:  “ MP’s comments ‘vicious’ ”.  Ah.  The science is settled.

…The bottom line, Fryer said, is government should stay out of the process and leave it up to the committee, which includes the chief justice of the supreme court and several heads of Canadian universities, among others.

“A large majority of the independent selection committee felt he deserved the honour,” Fryer said. “The government should stay out of it. It’s none of their business and it’s none of Mr. Lunney’s business.”

Well that’s odd, Mr. Fryer.  Maybe that’s how they do it in your other country of citizenship, “Europe”, but not here.

image Those dutifully reported words are from the man who made his mark in life by the dogged promotion of the power—in strength and number—of militant public sector labor unions in Canada.  This is the brain trust that believes the government should get in ALL our business.  And our families.  And our personal lives.  And our culture.  And our education.  And our health care.  And our town festivals and events.  And our television watching.  And radio listening.  And train-taking.  And movies.  And documentaries.  And car insurance.  And car building.  And liquor store running.  And wheat selling.  And trans-fats-eating.  And cheese-making.  And mail delivery.  And smoking.  And thinking.  And child care (and “early learning” —wink!) institution-building, and everything else they can dream up… 

Mr. Fryer, an MP wannabe, thinks he should get into “their business”, but citizen representative Lunney, MP, the people’s representative in government,  shouldn’t.  People must not be allowed a voice in government, and that voice must not interfere in, um, government.  Being liberal is hard. 

OK scratch that bit about Fryer being a buffoon.  He’s a crazy socialist dictator in the making.

Memo to the town Fryer:  MPs represent the people.  Literally, the common folks.  That’s their whole job.  That’s it.  They are our voice in government.  It’s why they call it the House of Commons, you rotund socialist.

image - gratuitous photo of Karl Marx  Fryer and his “trust us, we’re from the government” tribe apparently think we in Canada (the archaic monarchy bit aside) are a people of the government; rather than the government being a government of the people, by the people, and for the people (hat tip to America). 

Socialists are like that.  It’s why they try to create a “Canadian Culture” for us.  And why they do things like proclaim what “Canadian Values” are (on their state-owned CBC), and so on, often using their now blatantly obviously political devices (of their own government creation)  like the Order Of Canada division, and its liberal-left government-appointed award selection committee, who make liberal-leftist agenda-driving proclamations like the Morgentaler “Abortion is a Canadian Value which we WILL celebrate!” award on none other than our very own Canada Day. 

Naturally, Fryer apparently thinks all the big decisions should be made by the elites who have been appointed to their positions… by government.  Mostly by liberals and leftists.  Exactly like himself.  Thus we have liberals and leftists on the committee —a list which includes the head liberal agenda-driver at the Order of Canada committee, the Chief Justice of the liberals’ Supreme Court division (who may hear a case some day about abortion), who was appointed to the Supreme Court itself by government; heads of state-owned, state-funded universities;  perpetually state-funded and state-funding-reliant “artists” and ballet dancers;  and of course the award decisions then go through the government-appointed Governor-General of Canada herself, the former state-owned, state-run CBC reporter and Liberal government Paul Martin-appointed Michaëlle Jean. 

We the people are too stupid to make decisions, and certainly shouldn’t question the government decisions.  No, not when his government politburo and their ever so remarkably like-minded appointees on their beloved planning committees can make them for us.

But don’t take my word for it, Mr. Fryer.  Listen to the words of the most powerful person you will ever meet in your entire life:  she’s the Canadian citizen who read the above-noted article and emailed me from Parksville:  Jean, who said: 

…I suppose it’s none of my business either. Why don’t the little people just shut up and leave these things to the elites who know what is best.

… Funny how killing so many babies is ok,  but a comment by James Lunney is “vicious”.

What’s vicious is the possibility of still more elitist undemocratic socialists like Fryer getting into office.




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